Paradise Of Love.

How could I ever feel sad; let even the most minuscule iota of gloom linger insidiously near my sensitive senses?
As my life blossomed into a garden of voluptuously fragrant roses; each time I uttered your sacrosanct name.

How could I ever feel deprived; stumble inexplicably in a land of frustration and parasitically venomous malice?
As my life lit up into a billion candles of optimistic hope; each time I glimpsed your perennially charismatic smiles.

How could I ever feel an insane lunatic; deliriously chasing the maniacal tunnel of nothingness; which led into the ghastly graveyard?
As my life became a playground of mesmerizing fun and frolic; each time I heard the passionate pulsations; of your seductively heavenly voice.

How could I ever feel without an entity of my own; staggering ludicrously in the corridors of abominably orphaned dilapidation?
As my life escalated to the most spectacularly compassionate summits kissing the clouds; each time I sighted you trespassing like a silken angel; through
the mystical hills.

How could I ever feel rotting in the aisles of devastating stagnation; not reaching a single milestone; even though I galloped a countless steps?
As my life glowed more blazingly than the Omnipotently golden Sun; each time I stared innocuously into the poignantly rhapsodic empathy; engulfing your
enchanting eyes.

How could I ever feel that I was disastrously penurious; with hostile rats circulating in my pant pockets; instead of shimmering currency coin?
As my life culminated into richest treasure on this earth alive; each time I kissed you ardently; on your marvelously everlasting lips.

How could I ever feel that I was gruesomely blind; with even the most feeble rays of light; irrevocably refraining from entering into my lame eyes?
As my life fulminated into a fountain of invincible happiness; each time your gorgeously tantalizing breath; blended wholesomely with mine.

How could I ever feel that I was an uncouth murderer of mankind; inevitably surviving in a world profusely entrenched with manipulative and mortifying cowardice?
As my life bloomed into an apostle of celestial peace; each time I bonded my wayward senses; with the magnanimous benevolence enshrouding each element of
your immaculate countenance.

How could I ever feel aimlessly loitering; without a single target accomplished in the destined tenure of my impoverished life?
As my life basked in the glory of unparalleled success; each time I took divine refuge; in the magnetically alluring shadows of your stupendous feet.

And how could I ever feel kicked barbarically by the monotonously conventional society; for apparently no fault of mine; and simply because I stuttered to
coalesce with their lecherous spirit?
As my life spawned into the ultimate PARADISE OF LOVE; each time I let the beats of your immortal heart; enslave me for fathomless times.


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