Passing Through Her Heart

As I tried to pass through the flamboyant Sun; its blistering rays wasted no time at all in charring me to inconspicuous bits of stray ash,

As I tried to pass through the pearly Moon; its tenacious beams permeated through my spell of profound concentration; and it was difficult for me to recognize my own entity as I got out,

As I tried to pass through the valley of silken clouds; I had tumultuous difficulty in opening my eyes; miserably failed to recognize my cherished ones in the obfuscated haze that engulfed me in wholesome entirety,

As I tried to pass through pugnacious plumes of black smoke; I wildly vomited all what I had consumed for breakfast at dawn and succulent supper at night,

As I tried to pass through a river of bubbling acid; all what I found was a conglomerate of my own pulverized bones after exuberantly reaching the banks,

As I tried to pass through the morbidly dark tunnel; I felt my voice ghoulishly echo; fomenting the last hair down my spine to stand in electric unison,

As I tried to pass through the virgin sea shores; I winced in tumultuous anguish as an obnoxious cluster of crabs stung my flesh with deadly poison,

As I tried to pass through the densely camouflaged jungles; my heart and soul nearly sank into my boots; and I found my trousers profusely wetted as the thunderous roar of the tiger crept stunningly close to my skin,

As I tried to pass through the pitch dark street; I experienced the worst encounter of my life; when a gang of thieves satanically stole all my possessions; left me stranded without a single cloth on my body,

As I tried to pass through the sliding lift doors; I felt a sudden spasm in my hand; and before realization could dawn upon the barbaric metal had already taken several of my innocuous fingers,

As I tried to pass through the scintillating mirror door; infinite shards of acrimonious glass hurtled out in frenzy; and I settled with a terrified gasp on the floor with blood oozing from virtually every cranny of my body,

As I tried to pass through a cotton factory; I found myself sneezing unrelentingly with deafening snorts; as invisible threads voraciously tickled sensitive arenas of my robust nose,
As I tried to pass through lanky slopes laden with overwhelming avalanches of snow; I felt my teeth rattling like a woodpecker; and each bone of mine died a gory death punctured by the vicious cold,

As I tried to pass through the sooty coal mine; my complexion metamorphosed to worse than a black cat; and people around me ran helter-skelter; envisaging me
to be an dreadful alien from the third world,

As I tried to pass through the freshly constructed wall; the end result found me wearing a coat of obdurate cement on my face; half a brick on my scalp; with a mountain of mud burying me without prior notice into my grave,

As I tried to pass through completely full cylinders of heavy gas; after a while I found countless bits of my flesh blown away like specks of compressed dirt in the atmosphere; the ingenious cavities of my brain shooting like an untamed fountain towards the sky,

As I tried to pass through the overflowing bath of fragrant shampoo; I found myself sputtering and stuttering without control; and gigantic balloons of froth wafted from my mouth everytime I ventured to open my mouth,

As I tried to pass through the wire entrenched walls of the formidable fortress; I catapulted like an insipid butterfly for miles on the trot; and the shock that occurred nearly electrocuted to ghastly death,

But when I tried to pass through her enchanting heart; I found myself trapped for immortal times bonded with threads of invincible love; and not only did I regain
back my previous one; but was bestowed upon with fathomless more blissful and spell binding lives.


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