The dog was passionate after the bone; could run any degree of distance to capsize it in his greedy mouth,

The fish was passionate after salty water; was ready to fight the preposterously mighty shark in order to swim in an ambience of coral and glistening coral weeds,

The squirrel was passionate after the succulently delicious nut; nibbling it with great fervor after she had firmly entangled it between her famished jaws,

The vulture was passionate after satanic chunks of dead meat; soared unrelentingly in circles over the morbid graveyard; all throughout the day and each minute of the starlit night,

The ant was passionate after orphaned bits of fermented bread; crawling on the same with a whole army of its friends; tearing apart its body with untamed gusto,

The desert sands were passionate after sparkling water; made the ominous conglomerate of black clouds their best friends; wailed in unison to shower upon their disastrously parched surface; with torrential sheets of rain,

The pen was passionate after pools of sapphire blue fountain ink; harbored a perennial desire to embed barren paper with boundless lines of free verse,

The bird was passionate after its cluster of innocuous eggs; inexorably stayed awake the entire night guarding them against the tiniest of evil; imparting them the compassionate warmth to hatch into mesmerizing fledglings,

The watch was passionate after its pairs of needles; which incessantly ticked all day and night; producing a daintily gurgling sound as each second unleashed by,

The chimpanzee was passionate after the raw sheaf of green bananas; peeling a second one of its salubrious pulpy skin; even before he had properly gobbled down the first one down,

The cat was passionate after its bowl of frosty milk; surreptitiously waited in the dark ceiling; for its chance to guzzle down the liquid at insane speeds,

The mongoose was passionate after the venomous snake; tremendously relishing even the slightest of opportunity to imprison one in its jaws; rip apart the diabolical hood and the river of venom; to have a feast under the tenacious moon,

The veins were passionate after scarlet streams of blood; wanted them at any cost to circulate rampantly through their body; render them with robust health and
overwhelming gratification,

The tongue was passionate after voice; had this insatiable urge to speak every minute; bask in the pompous glory of the flurry of sounds it generated,

The sky was passionate after its iridescent blanket of stars; wanted every divinely night of its to be studded with infinite shimmering jewels of their kind,

The witch was passionate after new born children; slurped its mouth in unfathomable ecstasy when she saw a healthy baby being born on this globe,

The drunkard was passionate after opulent bottles of cherry wine; banging his feet; uncouthly tearing his head apart in frustration when he was denied access to his
favorite elixir,

The mosquito was passionate after ripe flesh; indefatigably tyrannizing blissfully sleeping angels with its obnoxiously repelling sting,

The cow was passionate after leafy mountains of green grass; painstakingly munching it all throughout the day to wholesomely appease its sacrosanct senses,

The mother was passionate after her child; starving her stomach to unprecedented limits; in order to feed her impeccable infant,

The Creator was passionate after this entire Universe; articulately synchronizing and governing the movement of each tangible and intangible being; ensuring that
the essence of life remained for immortal times,

And I was passionate after my beloved; wildly captivated in the bonds of her flamboyantly fiery love; blending with her moist breath since countless births gone; and countless more births to unveil.


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