Passionate Love

One shouldn’t sleep more than necessary; as extra sleep induces paramount laziness; ruins the ability of a person to work diligently,

One shouldn’t eat more than necessary; as extra food lying dumped in the stomach; reduces your ability to have fun; fantasize and sizzle in the corridors of

One shouldn’t dance more than necessary; as extra gyrating the body; weakens the stem of mesmerizing ideas in the brain; instilling the legs with inevitable sleep,

One shouldn’t whistle more than necessary; as extra whistling causes the air in the mouth to exhaust; and makes a person falter in his speech; grasp for
breath; immediately after it,

One shouldn’t cry more than necessary; as extra shedding of tears makes the eye bloodshot and and swollen; rendering a person unfit to walk on the streets,

One shouldn’t write more than necessary; as extra penning down of words creates a disdain for majestic art; and the fragile fingers then intractably refuse
to even emboss down your name,

One shouldn’t swim more than necessary; as the poignant spray of the saline sea causes erratic allergy to the entire skin; also there is always the danger of the monstrous shark creeping in,

One shouldn’t drink wine more than necessary; as the alcohol has a profoundly inebriating effect on the nerves; makes a person loose complete control of his
actions; body and speech; after consuming a few sips,

One shouldn’t blow one’s nose more than necessary; as excessive sneezing; engenders the moisture in the nostrils to amazingly evaporate; and a person ends up inhaling bellows of hostile fire; instead of compassionate air,

One shouldn’t shout more than necessary; as unprecedented screaming; foments the chords in your throat to wear out; and you eventually find yourself unable to even mew as softly as the cat; after a few minutes,

One shouldn’t talk more than necessary; as baseless talk yields plenty of secrets; and a person sometimes in his inexorable urge to talk; doesn’t notice the bored yawns becoming eminent and clear in the vicinity,

One shouldn’t clean more than necessary; as unsurpassable amount of cleaning; leads to scraping away the oils of nature; the rudiments of color which add loads of vibrancy to life,

One shouldn’t spend more than necessary; as exorbitant expenditure results in dismal bankruptcy; and suddenly the accounts replenished with surplus money till yesterday; seem to be like veritable ghost towns today,

One shouldn’t fight more than necessary; as incessant war leads to lots of bloodshed; and what started as just a test of nerves and skill; now ends up being a battle of blood,

One shouldn’t read more than necessary; as overwhelmingly browsing through the books night and day; has disastrous aftermaths on robust sight,

One shouldn’t kick more than necessary; as ferocious kicking evokes heaps of tension; perpetuates hurling of a volley of abuses at each other; and thereby
disrupting the placid environment,

One shouldn’t spit more than necessary; as continuous spitting produces squalid streaks of dirt in the area’s you tread; and sometimes you find yourself tripping head on; in the same slime you ejected out on this earth,

One shouldnt’t preach more than necessary; because at times you tend to become a victim of your own ideals; rather than having an impact and changing the lives of other humans,

I think I have bored you enough with this unending list of shouldnt’s, but before emancipating I would like to tell you; that there is indeed a thing that
you should do more than necessary; and which does not have anything such as necessary or unnecessary in the dictionary of its existence,

O! yes the thing I am talking about is none other than your all time favorite, and which you must be dying to proclaim at the moment as passionate love.


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