Perfect Examples

Moist lotus flower coated with dewdrop paint,
floating in dark green jungle waters,
faded pink in color, thorny stalk buried in slimy river bottom,
with swarms of honey bees clawing wildly for nectar,
is a perfect example of uninhibited ravishing beauty.

white water springs descending down the mountain slope,
washing tonnes of dirt in its flow,
gurgling mystically while meandering through ground stone,
bacteria free liquid when bottled at source,
is a perfect example of spotless crystalline purity.

dazzling rays emanating from golden sun ball,
imparting heat to all planets in the solar system,
feeding a plethora of green shrub throughout the day,
fumigating disease on earth with stringent pools of Sunshine,
is a perfect example of priceless and abundant light.

hot streams of liquid bubbling beneath parched core of earth,
trapped for years by bulky mass of mud and rock,
gushing velocity causing irregular cracks,
annihilating all life existing, submerging it in oceans of boiler heat,
is a perfect example of unfathomable power of dormant lava.


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