Perfect Scenery-Clouds End

Here as i sit with network of green to surround,
the Falcon soaring high in the blue sky,
a blanket of dew drops on the fresh green leaves,
shining a perpetual golden brown.

the silence and tranquility of the blissful air,
blueberry flowers on steep slopes of valley,
causing mystical ravines of my heart to flood with beauty and sizzling excitement,
the magic touch of heavenly green spreads all over,
there follows a heavy downpour of tropical rain,
macro droplets of water cascade everywhere,
with the grass blades crying out in anticipation to swallow the rain drops,
clear and transparent, quenching their thirst for divine blessings,
leaving them submerged in a river of celestial love.

tall pine trees had their drooping branches covered with white snow,
shielded the valley in heat with their shade and warmth,
enriching every inch of soil with their overgrown root,
as golden rays of the sun shine on their leaves,
displaying vivid contrasts of velvety green and satin yellow,
obscuring my eyes with film of salty tears,
enjoying this lovely rapturous sight,
fulfilling desires lurking in my soul with vibrant echoes of ravishing nature.


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