Please Come Back O! Beloved

Every bit of fabric in this remorsefully dilapidated room; reminded me of your fabulously enchanting grace; the way you sensuously wrapped yourself in resplendent
cotton; at the first rays of ethereally marvelous dawn,

Every bit of mirror in this treacherously solitary room; reminded me of your bountifully embellished lips; as you poignantly adorned yourself like a newly embarrassed bride; replenishing the astounding parting of your hair with; spell bindingly crimson vermilion,

Every bit of paper in this desolately forlorn room; reminded me of your regally articulate fingers; as you inundated fathomless landscapes of barren canvas; with
the gregariously enamoring beauty of the Universe around,

Every bit of wall in this drearily stabbing room; reminded me of your unflinchingly intrepid solidarity; the impregnably compassionate swirl of your philanthropic shoulders round me; when the planet beside had become a ghost town,

Every bit of mysticism in this horrendously lonely room; reminded me of your unrelentingly blissful fantasies; the voluptuous garden of piquant breaths that you emanated; well past the heart of enchanting midnight,

Every bit of toy in this perniciously sullen room; reminded me of your ecstatically jubilant stride; the wonderfully benign smile on your glorious lips; as you philandered beyond the lanes of timelessness with the angels divine,

Every bit of plant in this maliciously dolorous room; reminded me of your magnanimously miraculous caress; as you stupendously quelled all traumatized agony
around; with the celestial melody in your voice,

Every bit of candle in this obdurately obstinate room; reminded me of your profoundly unbelievable dexterity; as you marvelously molded threadbare clay into silken apostles of peace; with ravishingly unending euphoria in your palms,

Every bit of friction in this manipulatively morose room; reminded me of your insatiably augmenting nubile beauty; as you blazingly ignited a trail of unsurpassable excitement; even in the most lividly frozen nerve of my impoverished body,

Every bit of clock in this bizarrely abandoned room; reminded me of your incredulously impeccable meticulousness; as you symbiotically blended your
Omnipotent soul; with all benevolent goodness of the earth around,

Every bit of darkness in this dogmatically lambasting room; reminded me of your seductively titillating footsteps; the thunderously streaks of ebullient lightening that you wafted; under the curtainspread of the Moonless night,

Every bit of sound in this insipidly dithering room; reminded me of your Omnisciently humanitarian voice; the heartfelt empathy that you harbored for all
organisms one and alike; in each sentence that diffused from your eternal mouth,

Every bit of dust in this preposterously sordid room; reminded me of your boisterously bubbling visage; as you voraciously cleansed each ingredient of dirt;
before bowing down your nimble head in front of Lord Almighty,

Every bit of sharpness in this invidiously rotting room; reminded me of your vivaciously vibrant alacrity; as you emerged resurgently victorious; even in the most devilishly sinister situation of uncouth life,

Every bit of scent in this diabolically debasing room; reminded me of your everlasting fragrance; as you sparkled into a sky of heavenly freshness; a fairy of harmonious goodwill; every unfurling minute of the day,

Every bit of bed in this salaciously demoralizing room; reminded me of your rhapsodically tantalizing sleep; as you relentlessly fomented a whirlpool of
never-ending excitement; with your uninhibited nudges and turns,

Every bit of air in this vengefully asphyxiating room; reminded me of your indefatigable elixir to exuberantly surge ahead in life; tenaciously determine
yourself to holistically exist for a countless more lifetimes,

And every bit of light in this murderously neglected room; reminded me of your immortally Omnipresent love; as you perpetually bonded your sacrosanct spirit
forever and ever and ever; with mine,

So wherever you are; please come back O! Beloved; as each beat of my impoverished heart and this room misses you; as the roof of this dwelling would pathetically collapse without you; as without you we all were a ghastly corpse with artificial breath; as without you life would never be life; ever again.


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