Please Come Back O! Beloved – Part 2

Appallingly crippling blackness; even in the most Omnipotently blazing of Sunlight; as the most triumphant of Sun unflinchingly blazed upon the trajectory of
this fathomlessly enchanting Universe,

Ghoulishly invidious blackness; even in the most everlastingly mesmerizing meadows of brilliantly unfettered freshness and newness,

Criminally stabbing blackness; even in the most triumphantly blistering pathways of freedom and royally magical liberation of the soul,

Hopelessly asphyxiating blackness; even in the most ecstatically vibrant rainbows; dancing in the aisles of unsurpassably unceasing exhilaration,

Deplorably cadaverous blackness; even in the most mellifluously rhapsodic moments of boundlessly spell binding life; even as every iota of bitterness was beautifully metamorphosed into exuberant paradise,

Satanically strangulating blackness; even in the most pricelessly victorious of artistry; even as dewdrops of Omnipotent virility cascaded uninhibitedly from every speck
of the limitless sky,

Ominously deteriorating blackness; even in the most innocuously endowing playgrounds of blessed childhood; even as there blossomed nothing else but enthralling innovation in every ingredient of the ebullient atmosphere,

Sinfully sodomizing blackness; even as infinite couples around coalesced into the eternally unbreakable wedlock; even as the winds of symbiotically infallible compassion reigned supreme till times immemorial,

Remorsefully condemning blackness; even as every iota of the most hideously cannibalistic crime on this earth transformed into a paradise of unassailable
friendship and global brotherhood,

Incorrigibly cancerous blackness; even in the heart of the most vivaciously unfettered sea; even as waves timelessly clashed against the rocks to diffuse into an unparalleled gorge of frosty tanginess,

Truculently victimizing blackness; even at the steps of the most sacredly Omniscient temple; church; mosque; monastery; even as countless impregnably replenished themselves with everlasting blessings of the Almighty Lord,

Hopelessly staggering blackness; even as the scepter of Omnipresent truth reigned as the only power on this boundless Universe; forever ending the dismally
salacious mortuary of tawdry lies,

Unsurpassably annihilating blackness; even as godly angels magically descended from the miraculously ameliorating heavens; perennially applying the balm of happiness on even the most infinitesimal trace of lambasted misery around,

Forlornly incarcerating blackness; even in the most wonderfully celestial downpour of beautifully effulgent rain; even as an unconquerable blanket of perpetual green spawned from threadbarely lackadaisical soil,

Carnivorously crippling blackness; even as the entire wealth of the unceasing planet lay uninhibitedly in the garden outside; even as there was nothing else but benign goodness in each platelet of the atmosphere,

Acrimoniously knifing blackness; even in the most inscrutably tantalizing forests of sensuousness; even as the elements of poignant romance were the only constituents that were found in crimson blood,

Inconsolably pugnacious blackness; even as the most unstoppably marauding of demons were wholesomely trounced to inconspicuous ash; even as the most
diminutive shadow of the badness transited into the epitomes of insuperable optimism,

Flagrantly whiplashing blackness; even as the Creator blessed every source of life that he’d evolved on this unending planet; with eclectically never-ending life,

Venomously sadistic blackness; even as unlimited skies of divine blissfully wafted from the nostrils; even as the definition of every death had wholesomely disappeared from the dictionary of symbiotic creation,

Yes; there was just blackness and nothing else but deplorably asphyxiating blackness without you O! Beloved; even in the most brilliantly enlightening lights and life; even in the most pricelessly indomitable breaths of existence; even in the most inimitably blessed ingredient of my blood as it gushed all around,

And if you really wanted my blackness to forever end; if you really wanted my blackness to forever embrace the wisps of non-existence; if you really wanted my
blackness to fructify into new light; then please come back to me from wherever you are right now; please come back to me and hold my hands which were; are and
shall forever remain your ultimate slave; on this terrestrial ground.


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