Please Come Soon

Sheets of fascination wholesomely blinded my eyes; engulfing them with thunderbolts of exotic excitement,

Waves of insurmountable passion flowed rampantly through my blood; permeating me every minute like a quiver full of stinging arrows,

An ocean of enchantment lingered insatiably in the corridors of my mind; transiting me into a state of rhapsodic slumber,

Springs of sweet honey dribbled tantalizingly down my throat; titillating me beyond the point of no control,

Cloudbursts of mesmerizing fantasy enveloped my persona from head to toe; imprisoning me in the swirl of tumultuously poignant desire,

A river of perspiration trickled passionately down my chin; escalating me to a place infinite kilometers over paradise,

A garden of stupendously fabulous scent descended ferociously down my nostrils; virtually swiping my feet in a surreal dream from the surface of earth,

Clouds of overwhelmingly fervent longing encircled my eyelashes; fomenting them to drool down in timid submission,

Fountains of astronomical mysticism embedded my soul; drowning me inevitably into a lake of alluring enigma and incomprehensible charm,

An inexorable tenacity to explore encapsulated my fists and fingers; evoking me to draw boundless myriad of incoherent forms; with frenzied movements on the
glistening sands,

A beehive of captivating mirages deluged my imagination; engendering me to think beyond the fathomlessly extraordinary,

rainbows of compassion entrenched my conscience; enticing me at a velocity faster than that of light; towards the entirely unknown,

Tornado’s of unbelievable attraction blew towards my facial contours; making me wholesomely oblivious to the rapid unfurling of time,

Pearls of untamed jubilation danced euphorically in my belly; reaching an ultimate crescendo; as I caressed my body lazily on the chocolate brown ground,
Dagger heads of poignant belonging drifted down my rubicund cheeks; inundating them with a tinge more voluptuous than the supremely redolent rose,

An island of uncanny emotions placidly nestled in my veins; welling up thunderously towards eternity as each second speedily zipped by,

A meadow of emphatically seductive feelings possessed every action I executed; propelling me to surge forward with unrestricted exhilaration,

And each beat of my violently palpitating heart; cried aloud to witness your ingratiatingly royal countenance,

Please do come soon; for I was about to exhale my last breath without you; Please do come soon; bond your breath with mine O! Beloved.


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