Please Do Consult The Creator

For a faint idea about the road; the places it leads to; consult the rustic and aboriginal tourist guide,

For a faint idea about the body; a first hand knowledge of its intricate parts; consult the specialist and prudent doctor,

For a faint idea about the cosmos; a glimpse into the history of stars; consult the hi-tech and contemporary astronaut,

For a faint idea about the battlefield; the weapons used in pugnacious war; consult the intrepid warrior,

For a faint idea about the garden; the fraternity of plants protruding from its ripened soil; consult the bushy haired gardener,

For a faint idea about the building; its majestic elevation towering splendidly towards the sky; consult the dexterous and skillful architect,

For a faint idea about the computer; a sagacious browsing through its fundamentals; consult the software prodigy,

For a faint idea about the scores of birds; the sounds they emanated while singing in melodious cadence; consult the dedicated ornithologist,

For a faint idea about medieval history; the vacillations of the kingly empire; consult the monk sitting beneath the gigantic tree,

For a faint idea about your destiny; the meaning of all those infinite bifurcation’s on your palm; consult the prudent and mystical palmist,

For a faint idea about the ocean; the preposterously huge sharks lurking around in gay abandon; consult the domineering and bespectacled captain,

For a faint idea about the bus; the routes it travels on and stops; consult the pot-bellied and uniformed conductor,

For a faint idea about the solvents bubbling in the laboratory; the innumerable equations scribbled rampantly on the blackboard; consult the ingenious scientist,

For a faint idea about the paintings; the mesmerizing shapes sketched and evolved within the canvas; consult the gullible and unshaven artist,

For a faint idea about poetry; the inexplicable meaning embedded within the royal verse; consult the innovative and indefatigably writing writer,

For a faint idea about shimmering jewels; the grandiloquent chains of pearls scintillating wildly behind transparent glass; consult the wiry bodied and lanky goldsmith,

For a faint idea about catching the panther; explicitly divulging the name of the animal by merely viewing its remote footprints; consult the savage and sprint footed African hunter,

For a faint idea about solving mind boggling puzzles of arithmetic; cracking every riddle encapsulated within the school textbooks; consult the stern and stringent voiced teacher,

For a faint idea about love; romancing in the aisles of unsurpassable desire and emotion; consult your enchanting beloved,

For a faint idea about interacting with the acrimonious society; consult your mother; richly experienced in adeptly dealing with the same,

But for a complete idea about life; its share of good and gruesomely evil; its blissful rise and unpredictable pit-falls; the spirit of survival and letting one simultaneously exist; the origin of religion segregating entire mankind; the inevitable urge to procreate and continue this Universe;
Don’t ask me; for I cant even give you a faint idea; all I can say is that for pacifying your present anxieties and whatever that may futuristically arise, please do consult the Creator.


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