Please Don’t Ever Leave Me

Even if you didn’t glimpse an infinitesimal iota towards me the entire sweltering day; neglecting me like a chunk of threadbare shit; as you wholeheartedly flirted with your surreptitious paramour right in front of my eyes,

Even if you didn’t appreciate my worldclass accomplishments an inconspicuous trifle; sadistically preferring to feed the wood on my scintillating trophies; to your fleet of obnoxiously indolent termites,

Even if you didn’t cuddle my innocuously trembling chin an infidel bit; blasphemously drenching my impoverished persona with acrimonious cauldrons of
diabolical acid,

Even if you didn’t clap for me the slightest as I triumphantly kissed the glorious pinnacles of Everest; ignominiously ridiculed me for looking like a frigid scarecrow; from the point where she sighted me on robust earth,

Even if you didn’t kiss me on my passionately slavering cheeks; satanically diverting all gruesomely grisly lizards of the house; to insidiously crawl on them instead,

Even if you didn’t mischievously cavort with me through the bountifully sun soaked hills; truculently lambasting my nimbly shivering skin with whiplashes of devilish hatred instead,

Even if you didn’t regally cajole me in my times of disparagingly deteriorating duress; using my tears instead of table salt; for titillating your spuriously roasted meat; instead,

Even if you didn’t rejoice with me as I assimilated every speck of celestial enlightenment on the trajectory of this fathomless Universe; heinously
preferring to clandestinely gallop with ghoulish corpses in sinister darkness; instead,

Even if you didn’t respect the most benevolent of my deeds an ephemeral trace; saluting the lascivious dungeon of sleazy parasites with profound admiration in your eyes; instead,

Even if you didn’t pay heed to the most despairingly traumatic of my cries; uninhibitedly dancing to the tunes of my horrific agony; violently smooching your
boyfriend; instead,

Even if you didn’t empathize the tiniest with my overwhelmingly dreary bones after I acridly faced the onslaught of the remorsefully manipulative society;
gagging a mortuary of torching needles into my mouth as I holistically snored,
Even if you didn’t fantasize about my regally brandishing sword and patriotic scepter; ludicrously chortling your breath out; as I valiantly stepped into the rampaging battlefield; to defend my very own sacrosanct motherland,

Even if you didn’t relentlessly walk by my side as I trespassed through all the good and sordidly bad in life; vengefully laid the most lecherously bawdy barricades in every of my advancing paths; instead,

Even if you didn’t cook tantalizing morsels of food for my miserably emaciated stomach; ruthlessly extricated my mass of intricately poignant intestines; to feed the cacophonically wailing eunuchs outside; instead,

Even if you didn’t mesmerize my uxoriously livid nerves with mellifluously ebullient sound; mercilessly left the horde of salaciously victimizing wolves upon my naked flesh; when I was snoozing; instead,

Even if you didn’t believe one bit in the most sagaciously righteous of my preachings; maliciously blowing the rambunctiously blowing horns of your car full throttle; the instant I attempted to open my nimble mouth,

Even if you didn’t like it an evanescent speck if I took your name; barbarously slashed the rosy pink of my lips with the malevolently prejudiced butcher’s knife; if I dared to praise your enamoring countenance,

Even if you didn’t respect me an ethereal iota for all my immortally compassionate love; tirelessly kept expurgating your feces upon my skull; envisaging it to be your favorite lavatory seat,

Nevertheless; Your mere presence itself has and will forever inspire me; making me feel the most pricelessly blessed entity alive; miraculously metamorphosing every element of my grief into a paradise of unconquerable happiness,

So therefore it is my humble request to you O! eternal beloved; execute whatever conceivable torture you could upon my diminutive persona; crucify me with all
the badness that exists on this Universe; blind me with all the hatred in your life; but please don’t leave me to lead a life more penalizing than death; please don’t ever leave me.


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