Please Don’t Forget To Pray

Even if you didn’t remember to wash your body early in the morning; slept cozily in your bed even after the Sun brilliantly crept up in the sky,

Even if you didn’t behave nicely with your wife; castigating her incessantly for her scores of inadvertent failures,

Even if you didn’t speak eloquently with your boss; howling at him a volley of horrendous abuse; giving a taste of his own medicine,

Even if you didn’t drive your vehicle to synchronized speed limits; swerving it like a wild panther let loose from the tyranny of the jungles,

Even if you didn’t sort your food meticulously with an array of shimmering spoons and forks; savagely tore through the chunks of fruit with untamed passion,

Even if you didn’t say ‘hello’ every time you received a phone; barked a thunderous expletive; before eventually slamming down the receiver,

Even if you didn’t wear clothes to cover your skin; ran stark naked on the streets; loudly proclaiming to the world that you were unrestricted and wholesomely free,

Even if you didn’t study for the examinations; engrossed yourself thoroughly in earning money through a series of nefarious means instead,

Even if you didn’t write or speak a single word in the entire day; pretended yourself to be the greatest; expecting people to perceive your every demand; by simply looking into your emphatic eyes,

Even if you didn’t budge an inch after the disastrous earthquake struck the entire nation; remained as stoical as ice to the inexplicable suffering happening all around,

Even if you didn’t switch on the lights of your house as the last rays of day had entirely faded away; incorrigibly resolved to remain in perennial darkness and gloom; spreading the same as far and wide as you could,

Even if you didn’t drink water every time you felt thirsty; instead pacified the scorching chords of your throat with oligarchic wine,

Even if you didn’t respect your elders; treated small children in your neighborhood with profound hostility,

Even if you didn’t pay your bills for the month; remained sunk in your own world of voluptuous fantasy all day and night,

Even if you didn’t eat pure vegetarian food to appease your famished bowels; annihilated innocent animals instead to add taste to your lackluster tongue,

Even if you didn’t sit peacefully at one place for dedicated long hours; fidgeted about beating the bush with your impetuous palms instead,

Even if you didn’t adhere to each of your promises; betrayed the person whom you loved; not being able to accept the increasing pressures of mankind,

Even if you didn’t admire the enchanting melody of the singing birds; profusely patronized the voice of the hideous vultures instead,

And even if you lead life unconventionally; metamorphosing each blissful moment into veritable hell; acting upon your fancy whims and eccentricities,

Please don’t forget to pray to God; worship him in whatever form you had the prowess to conceive him,

For let me tell you; that you might be considering yourself very unique; self made persons having the supreme ability to implement each of your liquid thoughts into action; but without his blessings you were all simply broken strands of matchsticks orphaned on the ground; and before the last flame on your body dies a ghastly death;
C’mon get down on your heels; and fold your hands in front of the Creator.


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