Please Don’t Make Me Rich!

If it came at the cost of; massacring countless innocent; in the wrath of derogatorily baseless politics,

If it came at the cost of; entangling the unassailably righteous dormitories of the conscience; in a graveyard of malignant manipulation,

If it came at the cost of; mercilessly marauding over a sea of priceless emotions and camaraderie; incarcerating the spirit of humanity in chains of diabolically inclement torture,

If it came at the cost of; venomously adulterating the fabric of pristinely spell binding mother nature; with monstrously monotonous edifices of bizarrely decrepit commercialism,

If it came at the cost of; violently metamorphosing every bit of blissful sanctity and compassionate brotherhood; into an amorphously agnostic coffin of devilishness,

If it came at the cost of; debasingly victimizing the lap of the sacrosanct mother; with whiplashes of threadbarely insane salaciousness,

If it came at the cost of; indiscriminately lambasting hatred; ghoulishly ghettoizing priceless mankind; into spurious fraternities of caste; creed and feckless color,

If it came at the cost of; chauvinistically treacherous prejudice; the maimed anarchy of a handful of dictators; devastating every ingredient of love from the trajectory of this benevolently emollient planet,

If it came at the cost of; truculently abusing the haplessly old; propelling them to ooze tears of torturous blood; every unfurling minute of the Omnipotently rejuvenating day,

If it came at the cost of; vindictively replacing every rivulet of quintessentially gifted blood in the body; with uxoriously bawdy wine and intransigently unending hatred,

If it came at the cost of; gruesomely overriding the civilization of unsurpassably insuperable harmony; with the scorpions of ill-will and despondently debilitating disease,

If it came at the cost of; murderously trading innocuously nubile skin; amongst salaciously rampaging and demonically sucking parasites,

If it came at the cost of; invidious violence sowing its lugubriously sinful seeds; on every quarter of his regally timeless and fantastically burgeoning Universe,

If it came at the cost of; ominously weeping betrayal; maliciously creeping into every holistically immaculate and perpetually loving heart,

If it came at the cost of; every anecdote of altruistically immortal bravery; drowning forever and ever and ever into wisps of worthless cigar smoke and lasciviously disappearing wine,

If it came at the cost of; divinely motherhood being immutably rebuked in the center of the town; its triumphantly venerated elements being excoriated apart into disastrous nothingness,

If it came at the cost of; insanely polluting God’s symbiotically celestial environment; with obnoxious chemicals and nuclear bombs of the most unimaginably hateful degree,

If it came at the cost of; cannibalistically making the poor more poorer and criminally commemorating the sins of the pompously rich; as the ultimate crescendos of life and unshakable humanity,

Then please leave me exactly the way I was born O! Almighty Lord; without a single cloth or ornament on my impoverished body; without the tiniest of embellishment on my uncontrollably shivering bones; please don’t ever give me any wealth; please don’t ever make me mighty or rich.


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