Please Don’t Mind

Please don’t mind if I visited your dwelling wearing battered shoes; with my lace obnoxiously sprawled across and a myriad of holes blatantly visible in my socks,
As I had poignant reflections of your face circulating in my dreams; was prepared to leap in blistering fires at the slightest of insinuation you gave me.

Please don’t mind if the shirt clinging tautly to my silhouette had a plethora of wrinkles; abhorrent blotches of black sweat appeared on the collar,
As I perceived you to be the most wonderful person in the world; would take all those daggers hurled at you; directly on my bare chest.

Please don’t mind if my hands were coated with slimy grease; incongruous stubs of nails extruded from my fingers,
As I uttered your celestial name with the first rays of evanescent dawn; was wholesomely ready to bear the brunt of rebukes passed on you by the uncouth society.

Please don’t mind if I didn’t possess dexterous eloquence to speak; the charisma of a prince incarcerated in my demeanor,
As I unrelentingly fantasized about your mesmerizing voice all day; would consume even obdurate stones; if that is what you decided to serve me for nocturnal supper.

Please don’t mind if my lips were profusely chapped; my teeth didn’t display a scintillating shine,
As I could spot your ingratiating smile amidst millions; would perennially stay close to your feet even if you mercilessly whipped me.

Please don’t mind if I had unshaven cheeks; with clusters of incongruous hair protruding out in misalignment,
As I would try my stupendous best to sequester you from the slightest of dust blowing; engulf your persona from all sides to protect you from the piercing cold.

Please don’t mind if I walked incoherently; unable to emulate the articulate steps of a jeweled prince,
As I would make sure your dainty feet refrained to touch the tainted earth; carrying you wherever you went on my rubicund shoulders.

Please don’t mind if I didn’t embellish my neck with pearls; adorn my fingers with dazzling gold,
As I would discriminate you from all opulent existing in this world; decimate all those individuals who ever tried to purchase you.

Please don’t mind if I didn’t wear flamboyant sun shades over my eyes; went rampantly philandering through undulating mountain slopes and wild territory,
As I would like you to use them as a pellucid mirror; every time you had the insatiable urge to sight your face.

Please don’t mind if I was oblivious to pulverizing my food with forks and knives; blending and kneading it with my raw hands,
As I would make sure you ate the best of delicacies; would prepare delectably appetizing meals for you with my very own hands.

Please don’t mind if I emitted rambunctious snores while in deep slumber; inundating the atmosphere with a profoundly sounding cacophonic buzz,
As I would see to it that you slept like a queen all night; safeguarding you against ominous evil lurking in close proximity.

And please don’t mind If I didn’t have exorbitant wealth; biscuits of gold to eat for breakfast; pools replete with resplendent silver to submerge my visage in,
As I would famish myself to bizarre limits; wholesomely ensuring you were gratified every moment; tears of unprecedented ecstasy dribbled incessantly from your eyes; till the time you existed


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