Please Don’t Show Me Death

Show me clusters of obnoxious cockroaches; crawling miserably towards the dingy and thoroughly fetid bathroom seat,

Show me an ocean of vicious scorpions; ready to pounce upon and pugnaciously strangulate their prey,

Show me a mountain of garbage emanating a stupendously ghastly odor; repugnantly wading off the tiniest of soul trying to trespass its stinking persona,

Show me a gruesomely deadly spider; oozing overwhelming amounts of poison from its morbidly corrugated tentacles,

Show me a garden of rebellious thorns; fervently awaiting to rip apart the last ounce of breath from my daintily tender body,

Show me an insurmountably distorted mask; with its ghoulish skull like demeanor driving away all zeal and enthusiasm from the conglomerate of my veins,

Show me an open mouthed fleet of hostile sharks; probing menacingly forward with their knife like jaws ready to pulverize the most strongest of entity into diminutive mincemeat,

Show me a pool of satanic blood; acrid strands of glass extruding from innocuous sheets of flawless skin,

Show me a well inundated with diabolical toothed rats; wild chimpanzees snaring their teeth to snap apart blissful traces of life,

Show me the dilapidated box of empty coffin; waiting ardently for a dead body to occupy its solitarily obsolete space,

Show me the wretched visage of the completely squelched building; with plush chunks of colored glass and silken upholstery poking out like pathetically small worms,

Show me a badly injured person; oozing blood from his body like an uncontrollably rampant fountain,

Show me a wholesomely blind man; staggering and floundering abominably on every step that he took on brilliantly illuminated ground,

Show me a wounded battalion of tigers; snarling perilously through the foliated outgrowths of the unimaginably treacherous jungle,

Show me a sac replete with colorless stones; clanging deafeningly against each other with tumultuous ill will and ominous hatred,

Show me an orphaned infant shivering hysterically in the freezing winds; with the crimson blood in his veins virtually frozen to small cubicles of white ice,

Show me fathomless sheets of torn fabric; with infinite dots of blood and sordid mucus adhering to it vehemently from all sides,

Show me the unprecedentedly gory scene of the vivacious battlefield; deluged from all sides with hoarsely crying warriors; ruthlessly cut hands and feet loitering dismally in a stream of thick blood,

Show me terribly crumpled bits of incoherent paper; flooded with script that was incomprehensibly abusive,

Show me a woman weeping sadly; as she passionately missed her husband while he was away for just a brief interval of time,

Show me a castle profusely occupied by brutal demon horns; wickedly vicious snake skins suspended listlessly from the hollow ceiling,

Show me a deplorably broken mirror; reflecting a flurry of lifeless images; further exacerbating the condition of the already dull atmosphere,

Show me an insane lunatic; crazily thrashing his head countless number of times against the obdurate wall; trying to crunch every bone of his body with every
bang to the brick,

Show me an ambience entrenched with deathly blackness; permeating my impeccable countenance like infinite arrows coated with malice,

Show me the devil; towering tall and colossal towards the sky; ready to assassinate my scalp into unsurpassable no of tiny bits; at the slightest provocation he received,

And O! Lord please show me anything which might be horrendously obnoxious; anything which might be most despondently displeasing to the eye; anything which
might be horrifically corrupt and detrimental to celestial society; but please don’t show me death; don’t show me perpetual demise.


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