Please Forgive Me

I know I may have pinched you several times; causing you to wince in contorted agony,

I know I may have pummeled you to the ground; hurling at you a volley of poignant abuse,

I know I may have kicked you in the stomach; made a face at you resembling a hideous demon,

I know I may have splashed your face with orange juice; soiling your impeccable clothing with infinite blemishes of black paint,

I know I may have stared at you in animosity; fomenting you to ooze tears down your glistening cheeks,

I know I may have made you trip; poking my large toe deliberately in your way,

I know I may have scowled at you umpteenth number of times; tickling you in your ribs when you didn’t want it the slightest,

I know I may have shrug off the breakfast plate inutter disdain; dictating you thunderously to make it all over again,

I know I may have sprinkled upon you freezing water; inundating your persona with frozen ice in the peak of winter,

I know I may have used my pen to thrash you; more than I might have used it to write literature,

I know I may have philandered with several girls; giving them a peck on their cheeks right in front of your eyes,

I know I may have dropped debris intermittently on the ground; just to appease myself sighting you picking them up,

I know I may have wrecked you out of tranquil sleep large no of times in the night; with a volley of my monstrous snores,

I know I may have interrogated you till eternity; asking you divulge an account of each minute; in order to pacify my suspicions,

I know I may have forgotten your birthday; not remembering to wish you on the hour which God created you,

I know I may not have written to you; even after being weeks away from you on a business trip,

I know I may have drunk boundless pegs of voluptuous wine; stumbling on half the words I uttered in front of your revered parents,

I know I may have curtailed you to household chores; refraining you from stepping out in this flamboyant world,

And I know I may have behaved like a perfect brute all these years; rebuking you on many occasions in front of the society,

But then; they were those moments when the human in me had metamorphosed into a savage animal; the tyranny of earning had crippled the innocent child in me;
annihilating all my perceptions about romance and bondage,

While let me candidly tell you today; that I have always loved you; valued your caress more than any other object existing in this world; have longed for your company more than the Sun has longed to shine; and I know that perhaps you wouldn’t even prefer to look at me in this lifetime of mine; but I will still say this; as I love you more than myself; that please forgive me.


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