P stands for PATRIOTISM; an insatiably untamed gusto in the demeanor; to uninhibitedly relinquish life; for the sake of the sacrosanct motherland,
P stands for PITY; wholesomely blending with the sentiment of the tyrannically terrorized; flooding their abode with beams of astronomical courage,
Not for hideously dictatorial POWER; indiscriminate trampling of the innocuously timid; with swords of manipulative greed and beguiling prejudice.

O stands for OBEDIENCE; a flamboyantly stringent ray of discipline; to scrupulously metamorphose all deplorably malevolent lies; into the irrefutably
blazing island of invincible truth,
O stands for OPERATIONAL; a perennial yearning to march on the path of righteousness and duty; be the most scintillating stalwarts of the society,
Not for barbaric OSTRACISM; overwhelmingly castigation of the oppressed tribes; ominous massacring of the deprived; to dig the foundations of spuriously
glittering wealth.

L stands for LISTENING; philanthropically lending the ear to the cry of disastrously lecherous pain; gallantly marching forward to swipe all traces of
crime from this colossal planet,
L stands for LEADERSHIP; being the very first to plunge into the unfathomable sea of ungainly turbulence; transforming it into an island of
benevolence; with the most sagacious use of law,
Not for salacious LANGUISH; insidiously feasting on nubile flesh and opulent wine; while the destitute got soaked in ghastly blood by the
diabolical demons.

I stands for INTELLIGENCE; astoundingly discerning and punishing the horde of heinous parasites; out of the gigantic civilization blissfully existing in tranquil peace,
I stands for INTREPIDITY; a never-ending spirit of confronting the bizarrely unknown; staying awake as the sentinels of peace all invidious night; while the
innocent slept to their hearts delight,
Not for impudent INEPTNESS; profusely dedicated to culinary delights of the preposterously protruding stomach; while hell rained in torrentially uncontrolled frenzy; from the fathomless sky outside.

C stands for COMPASSION; a blissful synchronization with the hearts of the common man; truly commiserating with their agony; while at the same time removing them from the disdainfully abominable muddle; of savage corruption,
C stands for COMMAND; a vibrantly dynamic volcano of blistering authority; which imparts the Omnipotent fortitude to; wholesomely vanquish the
most lethal of devil,
Not for cowardly CORRUPTION; accepting bribe to polish even the most infinitesimal speck of dirt on the shoe; a stain that would ironically take decades to gather.

E stands for EQUALITY; judiciously catering to the sorrows of all caste; creed; and tribes; with an insatiable fervor of sparkling benevolence; and alike,
E stands for ENERGY; an unrelenting euphoria to unitedly rise to the cause of the Nation’s prosperity; tirelessly strive to eradicate the most tiniest trace of lethal doing; forever from the trajectory of this boundless earth,
Not for forced ENMITY; using the devastatingly maimed as a stick to walk forward; on the powerhouse politicians; irately meaningless demand.


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