I polished my shoe using a blend of molten wax and color; exerting
onerous strokes with my hands,
As an aftermath they shone brilliantly under the sun; however after a
few hours of transgressing through the streets; they were completely
covered with squalid mud.

I polished the nondescript wall using a canister full of turpentine
oil; painting the same with shades of sparkling white,
As a result it appeared a stupendous treat to the eye; however after a
while I noticed abashing chocolate smudges which the children must have left
while playing.

I polished the necklace of lackluster silver by dipping it in pure
milk; vigorously kneading its periphery applying stringent lemon,
As a manifestation it shimmered magnificently under the beams of moon;
however when I sighted it after a few days it had again acquired incorrigible
stains of black juxtaposed with perspiration.

I polished my plate of food submerging it in a bath of foam; then
scrubbing it with a cloth of flocculent silk,
It glistened marvelously as if brand new; however after consuming my
meal of rice and curry; it again got coated with blemishes of black and blue.

I polished the windscreen of my car drenching it in tepid water; then
massaging it till it emanated a screeching sound,
The effect was so incredulous that I could almost spot stars sleeping
behind the sun; however after few minutes of driving the glass again looked
tainted with a sheet of nascent dust lining its borders.

I polished my finger nails using scarlet nailpolish; meticulously
applying it to engulf the entire surface,
The effect was pretty exotic as they conspicuously glimmered under the
lights; however after a fortnight the color seemed to as evanescent as the
passing storms.

I polished my teeth using a fat smear of tangy toothpaste; resolutely
stroking the brush umpteenth times on their surface,
As a consequence the armory of my enamel radiated like scintillating
pearls; however as the day unveiled itself into night; I saw a host of germ and
bacteria sticking merrily to them.

I polished my attire using an antiseptic bar of detergent; brushing
away the most minuscule particle of dust from my collar,
As a result of which I got profoundly noticed in public; however after
a few minutes a speeding car sprayed a drizzle of fetid water while passing;
and my immaculate demeanor was now converted to mere shambles.

I polished the floor all day using all sorts of modern contrivances;
even going to the extent of licking it clean with my tongue,
As an inevitable outcome it emitted brilliant ramifications of purity;
however after sometime was rendered indescribable; as unruly strangers entered
with their dirty feet.

But as far as my beloved was concerned she didn’t need the slightest of
sparkle; the slightest of ostentation to project her persona,
The inner beauty of her heart perennially shone; irrespective of
changing seasons and the unleashing of time,
She was the only person who by my perception was the most beautiful;
the one who didn’t need the slightest of polish.


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