Portrayal Of God

The magnanimous personality of God lies in all,
multiple Gods we do encounter,
as brilliant sunshine transits into starry night,
the prime Creator being twin meals of boiled rice,
succeeded by a liter barrel of ground water solvent,
sealed bamboo, metal, concrete, roofs,
sheltering human flesh, from torrential rain,
acerbic rays of light, whirlwinds of obnoxious dust.

the next God is handsome white cotton cloth,
encapsulating shivering bare bodies with perennial warmth.

God nestles in starch white currency notes,
earned through perspiring hard labor, streaks of gifted intelligence,
quenching gross demands of routine life.

God inhabits crimson red, fragrant rose,
emanating from clay mud, tickling masses of humans,
fleets of birds, with its omnipotent scent of love.

the supreme personality of Godhead,
luminates large in all those bathing in ponds of benevolence,
reinforcing egalitarian beliefs in all races,
breathing oxygen coated with malice,
living as a united bundle of iron sticks, for decades of harmonious existence.


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