The conglomerate of sinister black clouds in the cosmos; poured cloudbursts of torrential rain,

The blazing body of flamboyantly ferocious Sun; poureda garland of profoundly enchanting and fulminating light,

The voluptuously crested nightingale seated on the fir tree; poured a stream of seductively melodious sounds,

The lanky candlestick sizzling in an inferno of handsomely dancing flames; poured an unrelenting river of delectably pearly wax,

The Moon tantalizingly impregnated amidst the quilt of resplendent stars; poured an ocean of uninhibited and milky white beams,

The island of alluringly scarlet roses; poured a valley of stupendously wonderful and exotic redolence,

The oyster held up high in the sky; poured an incredulously enticing volley
of immaculately captivating pearls,

The mind at absolute bliss; poured an unfathomable terrain of emphatically varied and enigmatically tingling fantasy,

The fountain pen inundated with sapphire pools of poignant ink; poured a royal lake of majestically embellished and passionate words,

The cat perched agitatedly on the spiky fence; poured an innocuous string of yelps and effusive ‘Meows’, The gigantic tree standing domineeringly on the isolated hill; poured a cavalcade of rhapsodic berries and bountiful fruits,

The mouth at divinely harmony; poured a tunnel of mesmerizing sound and fabulously fascinating rhyme,

The eye encapsulated by astronomically escalating jubilation; poured a rainbow of ebulliently glistening tears,

The body inevitably imprisoned by a whirlpool of tumultuously fiery romance; poured a waterfall of overwhelmingly volatile sweat,

The scores of Mother cow’s marching placidly through the meadows; poured painstakingly a lake of impeccably frosty and celestial milk,
The wedding album lying obsolete for decades on the profusely dusty shelf; poured a tale of nostalgically animated fantasy which permeated through the inner most compartments of my soul,

The wildly philandering panther; poured a tale of thunderously deafening roar; petrifying even the most minuscule of organism in vicinity till the last bone down their spine,

The nose drowned in unprecedentedly obsessive compassion; poured a dungeon of piquantly pepped up and moist air,

And the heart ever since the time it had started to throb; ever since the time it had first palpitated to commence beautiful life; poured only immortal love; would continue to do so intensifying with each beat; even after the world comes to an abrupt end.


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