Powerful to smile; as I heard something abysmally resonating in ludicrous vicinity,

Powerful to fight; as I confronted the mightiest of disaster with astronomical fortitude and tenacity,

Powerful to sleep; as I snored more thunderously than the demons; resting in overwhelmingly celestial contentment,

Power to admire; as I sighted the mesmerizing puffs of clouds floating passionately in azure sky,

Powerful to sketch; as I masterfully captured the labyrinth of picturesque sights which majestically dotted the fathomless gorge,

Powerful to sing; as I inundated the gloomy atmosphere with everlasting waves of seductively rhapsodic melody,

Powerful to mimic; as I possessed the incomprehensibly fascinating virtue to emulate a boundless myriad of voice,

Powerful to write; as I deluged a mountain of disdainfully barren paper; with exquisite lines of oligarchic literature,

Powerful to fantasize; as I triggered the chords of enigmatic imagination to the most ebulliently unprecedented limits,

Powerful to speak; as I silenced unrelentingly menacing mobs of fanatic people; with the domineering authority in my voice,

Powerful to dance; as I gyrated my body in insatiable agony under profusely milky rays of enchanting moonlight,

Powerful to run; as I galloped like the vivacious panther; through the mystical forests at the unveiling of each ephemeral dawn,

Powerful to flirt; as I had this inexplicable tenacity to incarcerate any alien in the swirl of my indefatigable mischief,

Powerful to dig; as I impregnated a tunnel of vibrantly optimistic hope; in layers
of obdurately infidel soil,

Powerful to stare; as I relentlessly looked the sweltering sun without flinching the slightest; for hours immemorial,

Powerful to chew; as I masticated the most resilient morsels of food into handsome bits of pulverized chowder,

Powerful to forsee; as I perspicaciously tackled each aspect of pragmatically monotonous life; measuring each step of mine as I walked,

Powerful to breathe; as I lived each moment of life to its most unbelievable capacity; with the euphoria to perennially discover fervently besieging me,

But powerless to face her; as I wholesomely submitted my humble countenance to the wave of her turbulently swirling love; bonding my heart; body and soul with
the immortal essence of her sacred existence.


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