Praying For Forgiveness- To God And His Holy Messengers

My love for you; was my sole religion; transcending over every other discrepancy of caste; creed; color; tribe and humbly endeavoring to unite the entire planet with the best religion of them all; The Religion of Humanity,

My obeisance towards you; was my sole enrichment to live; imbibe the true fragrance of existence in perfect symbiosis with every speck of your fathomlessly wonderful environment,

My salutations towards you; were my sole honor to survive amidst a pack of wolves; be unwavering in my stride and mission of goodness; even as the cannibals of greed converged upon me from all ends,

My prayers imploring you; were my sole directions in this truncated lifetime; doing my destined job to my very best by your grace; and then leaving everything else upon your Omnipotent stride to decide,

My speaking your name; was my sole blessedly enlightened moment of life; making me oblivious to every diabolical dagger thrust towards me; and rising with infallible truth- with the first rays of sunrise,

My remembering your divine light; was my sole lantern of happiness amidst the bemoaning blackness that tightened its vice like grip; empowering me to tower above every color; and yet emerge victorious with the color of love,

My faith in you; was my sole pillar of strength; metamorphosing every diminutively trembling bone of mine to march on the path of righteousness; carving a history of love out of sheer and vapid nothingness,

My perception of you; was the sole end of my imagination; as you owned the entire Universe and beyond; and everything good in this life commenced and blissfully ended with the boundaries you gave me to live,

My embracing your living Mosque, Temple, Church, Monastery; was my sole moment of fulfillment that absolved me of even the most inadvertently committed of my sins; and evolved a brand new path of vibrant life,

My asking your mercy; was the sole boon of my beleaguered twilight; as I could now exuberantly mélange shoulder to shoulder with the world outside; and only bow my head at your Omniscient feet,

My visualizing your sky; earth and the atmosphere that lay in between; was the sole poetry that radiated from my countenance; as my humane ability to cognize started and ended with whatever you limited me to see,

My following your Omnipresent light; was the sole path that I tread on in this devout survival; letting every uninhibited ounce of positive energy in my heart; to escape into sacrosanct wisps of the atmosphere,

My intensity to become one with your light; was the sole essence of everything humanitarian that I executed as the days unveiled; earnestly attempting my very best to unite all living kind; into an earth of love,

My belief in whatever you had destined was for the good; was the sole principle on which I placed the roots of my life; which again was the most wondrously mesmerizing gift to traverse upon earth; from your heavens,

My poems for you; were the sole reason that I always felt as if in compassionate paradise amongst the most usurping of humans; but your Omnipotent aura of love ruling my conscience over one and all,

My yearning to be in perpetual bewilderment of your majestic Universe; was my sole expression to flourish on planet divine; entwining my palms in unflinching unity with my fellow mates in duress,

My worshipping you from the innermost realms of my heart; was the sole ritual of holiness that I performed till I quit breath; loving you and your invincibly unparalleled ways in the best manner that you taught me to,

Therefore O! Lord Almighty and your holy messengers; I hereby pray to you to forgive me for even the most inadvertently committed of my misdeed;

And if you cannot pardon me; then give me death this very instant in whatever form you may choose to; But please don’t be angry with me; Please don’t stop loving me-for without your love; I’d be as good as ghastily dead; and yet with breath.


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