He made my eyes spell bindingly pregnant; with insurmountable mountains of perennially compassionate empathy; the unrelentingly fantastic tunnels of desire
hovering in his life,

He made my lips magnetically pregnant; with an unlimited festoon of poignantly amiable smiles; the winds of boundlessly triumphant euphoria that indefatigably circumvented his existence,

He made my skin resplendently pregnant; with a valley of fathomlessly nubile goose-bumps; handsomely disseminating the charismatic electricity of his majestic persona; wholesomely into mine,

He made my hair astoundingly pregnant; with an unsurpassable ocean of stupefying exhilaration; permeating them ravishingly with the ebulliently magical caress that lay in his princely palms,

He made my ears exotically pregnant; with waterfalls of everlasting melody; blissfully enshrouding the baseless hollowness of my life with his tunes of vibrantly victorious existence,

He made my mouth beautifully pregnant; with an endlessly fructifying garden of harmonious scent; enthrallingly imparting the fragrance of his eternally flamboyant survival entirely into mine,

He made my blood passionately pregnant; with untamed infernos of ecstatically scintillating yearning; celestially diffusing his spirit of philanthropically divine mantra of life; profusely into even the most inconspicuous of my stride,

He made my pulse ingratiatingly pregnant; with the waves of intrepidly unflinching adventure; sensuously bestowing his mystically emphatic touch all over my
uncontrollably trembling body,

He made my shadow fascinatingly pregnant; with magnificent cisterns of fantastically unending enigma; bestowing upon his cradle of unbelievably royal voluptuousness on every cranny of my drearily lambasted skin,

He made my teeth blazingly pregnant; with limitless skies of bountifully scintillating shine; gorgeously bequeathing the legacy of his aristocratically patriotic footsteps; upon the fabric of my shattered life,

He made my fingers dexterously pregnant; with unfathomable shades of regale artistry; chivalrously blending the reservoir of gargantuan sensitivity of his senses; in unshakable entirety with mine,

He made my chest fearlessly pregnant; with fortresses of solidarity and invincible courage; altruistically imparting the magnanimously pristine goodness of his
soul; to every bit of inadvertently malicious lies in the chapter of my life,

He made my conscience pregnant; with unassailable fireballs of godly truth; marvelously wafting the astonishingly proliferating and righteous scent of his
stride; into my miserably withering life,

He made my cheeks pregnant; with an unending entrenchment of bountifully embellished scarlet blushes; magically pouring the reverberations of his
overwhelmingly sensitive visage; into the meaninglessly wavering crux of heartless existence,

He made my hands gloriously pregnant; with an impregnably ubiquitous canvas of aristocratic destiny lines; timelessly maneuvering even the most mercurial
iota of my existence with the winds of uninhibited freedom; that incessantly emanated from his demeanor,

He made my brain fabulously pregnant; with unlimited aisles of thunderously overpowering fantasy; the enthrallingly heavenly rhythm of his existence being
the ultimate dream that I tirelessly perceived,

He made my breath pricelessly pregnant; with insatiably untamed whirlpools of vibrantly eclectic life; miraculously healing even the most inexplicably cancerous of my wounds; with his melody of benign mankind,

He made my belly sacredly pregnant; with his mischievously bouncing child; making me feel as the most richest organism on this Universe; without even a penny in my pocket and for infinite more births of mine,

And he made my heart immortally pregnant; with his tale of jubilantly iridescent love; a perpetual bonding which none on the planet could ever conquer; even after the planet itself came to a veritably ghastly end.


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