Preliminary Investigation

I silently eavesdrop on my mind,
Wading past a sea of darkness,
Across rash currents of mangled thoughts,
Trying to search for cryptic clues,
Breathing in domains of mystic behaviour,
Breeding in pools of trivial obsessions,
Bleeding at various sensitive junctions,
Weeping every unfolding second,
Proliferating in leaps and bounds; in changing color of the light.

Obsessions they were with iterative hammering,
Struck firmly by 100 pounds of fresh iron,
Submerged in hot cream of fading luck,
Striking soft tissues enclosed in precious brain,
Weak and feeble to resist the mighty onslaught,
Disintegrating into crumbled imagination,
Whipping brutally inactivated zones of subconscious,
Causing downpour of torrential agony,
Cascade of non-existent thoughts,
Finally uprooting all the goodness that ever prevailed,
Mind you friends, This was just a preliminary investigation,
As I stealthily eavesdropped on my brain.


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