I felt like consuming soft cones of chilled raspberry ice-cream,
nibbling gently at the appetizing kernel of white nut,
all i needed was a glutinous mouth to swallow,
a sheaf of crisp currency notes as a pre-requisite.

i felt like swimming underwater for long intervals of time,
caressing the mangled outgrowths of coral reef with my supple skin,
it was therefore indispensable to be a prolific swimmer,
with the aqualung apparatus and an ocean of courage being a pre-requisite.

i felt like sketching intricate shapes of roman Gods,
filling the same with glossy color and embroidered silk,
i knew i had to be a true connoisseur of mystical art,
also posses a pair of articulate fingers as an inevitable pre-requisite.

i felt like flying as the birds in the azure sky,
relishing the poignant breeze slapping across my face,
this seemed possible; if i was a fairy in the tales of Arabian nights,
with twin pair of corrugated wings as a solitary pre-requisite.

i dreamt and lived life with blissful visions of acquiring solace in heaven,
spending unsurpassable lengths of time with the Creator,
i had in turn to fulfill fathomless duties on earth,
with a plethora of chivalrous deeds being a pre-requisite this time.


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