Priceless Love

Drink it; or become a droplet of its enchantingly golden wave,

Climb it; or become a rock of its fabulously mesmerizing slope,

Admire it; or become a jewel of its philanthropically magnanimous beauty,

Whisper it; or become an echo of its ubiquitously spreading poignant aroma,

Follow it; or become a footprint of its seductively enigmatic trail,

Worship it; or become an idol of its invincibly immortal blessings,

Feel it; or become an entrenchment of its voluptuously satiny and profoundly magnetic caress,

Succumb to it; or become the ethereal contours of its majestically enlightening shadow,

Philander with it; or become the winds of its ravishingly exhilarated and unconquerable journey,

Dream it; or become a cloud of its beautifully everlasting fantasy,

Preach it; or become a chapter of its divinely sacrosanct and perpetually fragrant philosophies,

Proliferate it; or become a molecule of its perennially multiplying creation,

Relish it; or become a comrade of its tantalizingly euphoric countenance,

Dance with it; or become the rhythm of its never ending infinite beats,

Embrace it; or become the shyness of its unrelentingly bonding caress,
Smile at it; or become the lips of its exuberantly tingling and rhapsodic laughter,

Consecrate it; or become a grandiloquent bell in its irrefutably sacred shrine,

Sacrifice for it; or become the ideal of its unflinching undefeated convictions,

Breath it; or become a minuscule draught of its stupendously Omnipotent air,
And live it; or live for its unfathomable Godly spirit; and remember it till the last time you ever saw this planet; and even centuries thereafter; as PRICELESS LOVE.


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