Proud Of My Father. Happy Birthday To You.

A dynamite of blazing optimism as the steps tread resolutely upon hapless floor,

Majestic bristles of grey engulfing a handsomely robust jawline,

Raw bundle of energy compounded with fearless streaks of adventure to clamber the

An unparalleled commitment to each project undertaken; to take it to an honest

A desire to excel in whatever stage life offered; without the tiniest of enviousness
towards others who were better off,

Thorough professionalism which never got office work to home; relishing the verdant landscapes of the lawn with a rejuvenating stroll,

A flamboyant charmer with unmatched talking skills; that converted the most dogmatic No into a mesmerizing Yes,

Sheer astuteness compounded with an unbiased desire to make it independently;
evolving a lavish civilization from threadbare scratch,

Rustic truth which earned hostile foes at occasions more than friends; but which
culminated into royally satisfying victory at the end,

Profound love for the environment and wildlife; flourishing with mother nature in its lap; without asserting the slightest of spurious power or might,

A loyalty to spouse whose examples were cited to household’s in strife; as an
outstanding human saga of real life conviction, faith, understanding and forbearance,

Hailed as the Supremo of Denim in our very own Manchester of Textiles; Ahmedabad,

Most importantly a faith in God and his holy messengers which gave him his own
inimitable position on mortal earth; as he happily jostled in his freshly constructed
Kingsized farmhouse,

The man turns 59 years today by the grace of God.

And though I have no regrets of not following his marketing prowess and write Poetry instead. I am still proud to have him as my Father.

Here’s wishing you Daddy a Happy Birthday for today, this gloriously enthralling 25th July,2009


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