Pult (Peace, Unity, Love, Truth.)

A wave of supreme contentment entrenching your soul; permeating your heart with an enchanting rhapsody; even though you were besieged with the most penurious
circumstances on this planet,

An ever proliferating nostalgia to transit into childhood once again; euphorically bouncing in the lap of your sacred mother,

A desire to relinquish all worldly possessions; to save the lives of your fellow comrades engulfed with uncontrollable misery and pain,

An everlasting dream in your mind; to exist for centuries unsurpassable even after your death; dedicating your life to the service of love and mankind,

And you have the most stupendously serene rainbow of PEACE; diffusing its infinite colors to coalesce into the celestially symbiotic survival of all religion and human kind.

A mountain of trust in each other’s doings; profusely blindfolded belief in the mother who bore you nine months in her womb,

An insatiable conviction to act upon the voice of your innermost conscience; follow the path of irrefutable righteousness; come whatever perilous in your way,

An untamed spirit to free God’s divinely world; from the clutches of manipulatively uncouth devils,

An overwhelmingly resilient virtue of igniting astronomically brilliant fires; even in the most ghastliest of darkness hovering around,

And you have the most impregnable fortress of UNITY; with each second of unfurling black; yielding way for fathomless more lights.

A bit of compassionate care; uninhibited concern for your compatriots in inexplicable pain,

A petal of perpetual happiness; without a trace of abhorrent malice,

A cloud of tranquility lingering in all quarters of the Universe; instilling the virtue of harmony in one and all,

A trail of altruistic sacrifice; with the heart wanting to shower unprecedented more; even after palpitating each beat,
And you have a mesmerizing river of immortal LOVE; disseminating its Omnipresent essence in every entity blissfully breathing and alive.

An insurmountably valiant attitude to annihilate your own life; instead of catering to indiscriminate lies,

An incomprehensible belief in treading on the path of the Creator; ignoring the thorns of greed making you vehemently bleed all your way,

An incorrigible vow of bowing your head only in front of his Omnipotent grace; or else pulverizing it if the demons so wanted,

An inexorable longing to march unflinchingly ahead; irrespective of the religion you followed; entwining your palms with your fellow mates; to save the globe from getting destroyed,

And you have the most ubiquitously worshipped element of TRUTH; which none possessed the capacity to dismantle before this earth was evolved; and none
would till the time it would continue to holistically exist.


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