I asked the road; the things that perturbed her the most,
She replied saying; that she was mutilated every unleashing minute,
By the juggernaut of trucks; and cloud showers of swollen rain.

I asked a cluster of fish in the Monsoon River; about the ultimate fantasy of their lives,
The answer that followed was studded with arduous lines of brevity,
As they unanimously dreamt of swimming in stormy waves of the ocean.

I asked the domestic lizard to narrate its tale of woes,
It didn’t ponder even for a fraction of a second,
Curtly saying; that it was a paucity of succulent insect that kept her starved these days.

I asked the bleary eyed moon to impassively blurt out its agony,
The celestial figure in the sky retorted with a volley of eloquent expletive,
Blaming a fleet of monstrous spaceships; pilfering through its exquisite decorum.

I asked the merrily swaying trees; to recount me their expeditions of the blistering day,
They retaliated with traumatic screams; with white blood trickling down their entity,
Rebuking the farmer; who had sliced them down for daily fodder.

I asked the stray dogs in the street about their conditions of blissful health,
They made a gallant mockery of my question barking,
We aren’t fastidious about food; all we need is a solitary place to sleep.

I then interrogated my tangible heart to disclose its candid feelings,
There were mystical vibrations which shook my entire silhouette,
Beads of cold sweat camouflaged my shock of black hair,
As it responded to my query saying; that it wanted to imprison forever,
Posses for times unfathomable; the holistic form it loved on this earth.


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