Quit Ragging Or Go To Hell

Pathetically dastardly are those who indiscriminately rag; having the bugs of spurious inferiority circulating lecherously in their feckless veins,

Baselessly stupid are those who torturously rag; exerting their potato shaped muscles on savage meaninglessness; when they very well knew that they could have used the same to fruitfully evolve a civilization of bountifully stupefying newness,

Preposterously frustrated are those who morbidly rag; venting their ludicrously extra shades of enthusiasm in harassing the mantra of innocence; instead of utilizing the same to astoundingly score well in their exams,

Luridly squalid are those who penalizingly rag; desperately torching their innermost senses like a pugnacious volcano every unfurling minute; rotting all their lives in the corridors of dislocated hell,

Barbarously rancid are those who tirelessly rag; worthlessly wasting the most pricelessly precious moments of their life; in stripping someone’s chastity instead of embracing the winds of immortal love,

Abhorrently prejudiced are those who insanely rag; meting out their personal impoverishment upon poignantly nimble bodies; and then foolishly proclaiming the same as their path to ultimate martyrdom,

Disparagingly delinquent are those who surreptitiously rag; endlessly dying of the fear of the Sun all day; as they had not a spot on this fathomless earth to hide their deeds of raunchily asphyxiating blackness,

Remorsefully imprisoned are those who deliberately rag; making sardonically abusing innocuous entities their morning cup of tea; when even the most lugubriously fetid gutter water irrevocably denied to enter their criminal mouths,

Venomously parasitic are those who treacherously rag; lasciviously extricating every iota of happiness from other people’s lives; and then foolhardily justifying themselves by saying that this was the order from the Almighty Divine; as they were genuinely deprived,

Cold-bloodedly maniacal are those who hedonistically rag; savagely using honest shoulders to clamber the ladder of success; eventually finding that the sky of
prosperity was never for theirs to be,

Diabolically cannibalistic are those who truculently rag; pulverizing the name of their godly parents to gorily infidel ash; letting the fragrance of their sacrosanct mother’s milk evaporate into licentious nothingness; as they trampled their immaculate
brethren right in front of her heavenly eyes,

Abstrusely wayward are those who congenitally rag; finding banging weak bones every instant as the greatest occupation on this Universe; instead of proving their mettle in the symbiotically competitive world outside,

Penuriously decrepit are those who pretentiously rag; satanically trying to decimate their timid compatriots with the power of their bombastic wealth and wine; entirely oblivious to the terrorizing hell ardently waiting for them; by his orders after their demise,

Bawdily ghoulish are those who malevolently rag; eventually ending up licking lackluster dust and staggeringly jobless at their same comrade’s feet; whom they had once rebuked and who had now metamorphosed into a patriarch of unlimited prosperity,

Esoterically decayed are those who purposelessly rag; gnawing their nails raw in ghastly blood from inside; letting the carnivorously amorphous devil take complete control of their mind; body and soul; while they brutally assassinated traces of ecstatic

Uxoriously cantankerous are those who ignominiously rag; embedding more and more despicable coffin nails in their life; as they sadistically extradited the fabric of self-esteem from countless unblemished souls and lives,

Intolerably derogatory are those who unreasonably rag; trying their best to scare the thunderbolts of life from holistically unsuspecting newcomers; when they were themselves nothing more than a fragment of eternal misery from their disdainful insides,

Parsimoniously flagrant are those who sordidly rag; with even the most mercurial element of their bodies diminishing into corpses of extinction; before they had time to exhale their unfinished breath,

Therefore it is my humble plea to all those who play this poisonous game of ragging; please abdicate it as soon as possible; to be perhaps accepted by the Almighty Lord once again;

Otherwise rag as much as you can; perhaps with none to check you this very moment and countless more moments when you would assume yourself to be the ultimate
price; but then be prepared for a hell which was more horrific than the most bizarre of death; which not me; but the Lord Almighty had designed for you; O! yes
specially you; and please believe him not me; because it was just for you and for nobody else; but you.


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