Rain, Rain And Triumphant Rain

Infinite bodies had pathetically shriveled into
nothingness; as blistering rays of the Sun unsparingly
blazed left; right and profuse center,

Whirlpools of obnoxiously debilitating sweat oozed
from umpteenth arenas of the body; as boundless scores
of innocuous organisms; reeled under the vicious
onslaught of sweltering heat,

Fathomless kilometers of panoramically lush green
land; now disdainfully metamorphosed into torturously
slithering and lambasted deserts,

Pristine flakes of spell binding snow perched
delectably on the mountaintops; now abominably melted
in meek submission; under the ferocious inferno of the simmering afternoon,

The boisterously vivacious branches of the mystical
forests; now bore a sullenly barren look; as the
leaves mercilessly crackled under the outrageously
fuming Sun,

Unfathomable hordes of innocuously philandering
cattle; were now rendered to disgustingly hollow
skeletons of sordid dilapidation; as the soil
penuriously scorched everything in conceivable vicinity,

The corporate tycoon now looked like an insane lunatic
with bloodshot eyes; as the most spell bindingly
impeccable of his shirt; was now enveloped in
abhorrent pools of grime and sweat,

The most tenaciously resilient of abodes now creaked
an inconspicuous trifle; cursing till beyond realms of
eternal eternity; as the wave of summer horrendously
augmented its acrid propensity,

The most voluptuous nimble and enchanting soles; now
barbarically bled at all quarters; as the earth on
which they holistically transgressed; had now
transformed itself into insidiously torching charcoal,

Denizens sluggishly snubbed each other in truculent
exasperation; as diabolical rays of the unrelenting
Sun; austerely pulverized their dormitories of
exotically bountiful fantasy,

The most majestic of lions in the inscrutable jungle;
dastardly retreated into their caves; unbelievably
forgiving their prey; as the treacherously unruly heat
took firm roots into their fur,

Children wholesomely forgot their innocently
replenishing smiles; as the day progressed more
tyrannically than ever; putting hideously crippling
brakes on even the most infinitesimal of their activity,

The newly wedded relinquished all desire to love; as
the only thing that they were remorsefully overwhelmed
with; was the adversely admonishing and severely
reprimanding light of the midday Sun,

All anecdotes of irrefutably sparkling honesty; now
converted into the graveyard of blatantly manipulative
lies; as entities staggered more brutally than ever
under the salaciously whipping carpet of ominous summer,

The squirrels and kangaroos now transgressed as slow
as the pot-bellied tortoise; feeling the
preposterously invidious heat horrifically hamper
their otherwise; astoundingly vivacious reflexes,

Resplendent river levels had dramatically reduced;
with an unsurpassable army of crabs; snakes and ants;
frantically scurrying out of the mud every now and
again; as the earth cooked like an unstoppable volcano inside,

The most lightening paced of rambunctious spiders now
sat dolorously in one corner of their den; wholesomely
fatigued in the onerously persevering heat; to
ecstatically reconstruct their broken webs,

Fireballs of sensuously drifting and timelessly
exhilarating breath; now seemed as frantically last
bid to enter the gory corpse; in a valiantly vain
attempt to elope from the tumultuous heat,

The passionately palpitating beats of the immortal heart; were slowly losing their fervency; too exhausted in pumping blood for the pugnaciously sapped and burnt body; rather than pulsate for the spirit of unassailable love,

And if there was ever an invincibly singleton solution
to all of the above; then it was nothing but the most
pricelessly proliferating form of the ALMIGHTY LORD;


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