Ready To Die

Death is fantastically silencing; after which there existed not even the most inconspicuous iota of rambunctious sound; not even the most ethereal traces of malicious cacophony; to disdainfully wake you up from your eternal sleep.

Death is handsomely emancipating; after which you felt neither the most diminutive of agony slandering you; neither the most inexplicably crucifying of worries
tickle your estranged soul.

Death is unbelievably artistic; after which even the most infinitesimal ingredient of your blood and irrefutably righteous conscience; forever coalesced with the undefeated majesty of the atmosphere.

Death is endlessly mollifying; after which there remained not even the most infidel of desire; just the perpetual bonding of every ounce of your goodness; with the unshakable spirit of the Omnipotent Lord.

Death is unconquerably immune; after which your physical form felt not the slightest of pain; even when stabbed by an infinite knives; or viciously cremated into
the valley of hell.

Death is insuperably royal; after which even the most cannibalistically excoriating of your enemies; offered their humblest prayers for your soul to rest in
everlasting peace.

Death is incredulously non-invasive; after which no religion on earth could sanctimoniously claim you as solely its; as you eventually and inevitably sunk into
the belly of soil.

Death is beautifully resting; after which there seemed not even the most fugitive element of uncontrollable anxiety; after which the profanely robotic rat race
for survival of the fittest; forever faded into wisps of non-existent oblivion.

Death is unsurpassably enchanting; after which there seemed to emanate an unshakably ameliorating radiance from your face; which spell-bindingly cracked even the most deplorably asphyxiated riddles of existence.

Death is magically economical; after which your body didn’t need even the most transient shades of replenishment; after which even the most uncontrollably strongest of your urges; amazingly metamorphosed into altruistic contentment.

Death is self sermonizing; after which the chapter of your life became a holistically open philosophy; with countless extemporizing upon the quality of their survival; bounteously learning from your boundless rises and pitfalls.

Death is the end of vicious ambition; after which you could massacre no more innocent lives; erect your palaces on no more innocent blood; in your baselessly
ever-pervading desire to supremely reign over the entire Universe.

Death is Omnipresently powerful; after which even the most fearlessly infallible superpowers of this planet; miserably floundered to cause even the most obscurest
of indentation; upon the contours of your body.

Death is the absolute end of devastation; after which there existed only the most invincibly emollient meadows of paradise; for every bit of symbiotic goodness that you’d ever done in your destined life.

Death is the most astounding magician; after which even the most murderously massacring of your pain; forever transformed into the most celestial pastures
of blessing sleep.

Death is ubiquitously unprejudiced; after which there remains not even the most evanescent puff of hatred in your heart; for every form and fraternity of creation all around you.

Death is everlastingly consecrating; after which even the most diabolically sinful of your deeds; are forever and ever and ever washed away; with every form of newness that exuberantly spawns into the firmament of the vividly ecstatic Universe.

Death is inimitably immortalizing; after which every bit of unflinchingly pristine righteousness that you breathed in the tenure of your life; perennially becomes an ardently optimistic tunnel of light; for countless more of your blessed kind.

So Mate; ready to Die! But think an infinite times before you do so. Because like all other best things on this Universe; even Death comes at a price. And unfortunately for you; me and every other organism created by the Omniscient Lord Almighty; that price is the ultimate threshold of pain that we could ever experience; in not just a single lifetime; but an infinite more of our infinite lifetimes.


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