Concentration gives you the power to dynamically leap forward; solve the most inexplicable enigma of monotonous life,

Frustration renders you with an utter helplessness; which you find difficult to shrug off despite the most Herculean of your attempts to fight against time,

Sedation makes you blissfully sleep and insurmountably fantasize; making you overwhelmingly oblivious to the most stringent of your surroundings; the instant you

Imagination gives you the stupendous virtue to be prudent; perceive the most hideously evil situation; well ahead of the unfurling decade,

Innovation bestows you with a sense of wholehearted accomplishment; an insatiable urge to exist with waves of ingenious imagery perpetually perpetrating your persona,

Fascination gives you the prowess to feel incomprehensibly celestial; amuse yourself each moment to soar high and abreast with the silken cocoon of blue clouds,

Consternation leaves you open mouthed in unsurpassable disbelief; evacuating the last ounce of wind which circulated rampantly round your robust body,

Tension renders you with dolorously morbid sorrow; ruthlessly assassinating boundless movements of your present day and fathomless minutes of every sweltering night,

Exultation engenders you to bounce euphorically towards the blazing Sun; glistening globules of sheer ecstasy dribbling rhapsodically down your cheeks,

Indentation leaves you with a flurry of ungainly scars; inconspicuously disrupts the heavenly contours of your majestic countenance,

Desperation gives you countless reasons to die; end your tranquil breath by plunging into an island of inevitably sinking sand,

Infection renders you with a lingering sickness; an obnoxiously gruesome taste in your mouth that shatters your delectable premonitions of a harmonious existence,

Inception gifts you the tenacity to conceive higher than the beyond; euphorically enjoy the sweet fruits of creation to the most unprecedented limits,

Emancipation imparts you with a saintly solitude; along with a perennial rest to
your manipulatively swirling mind,

Perspiration triggers in you an unfathomable compassion; the inexorably gratifying satisfaction to relish at the end of the valiantly hard fought day,

Expectation leaves you with unwanted anxiety; a relentless craving for witnessing the ultimate unleash right before your emphatic eyes,

Electrocution freezes you in your very roots; satanically annihilating the minutest trace of breath encapsulating your oligarchic demeanor,

Abortion penalizes you to the most supreme degree; slapping your visage mercilessly for exonerating God’s most precious gift to mankind,

Illumination leads you to the realms of ebulliently optimistic hope; dauntingly wading past of sea of diabolical despair; into the doorstep of a vivaciously vibrant tomorrow,

Condemnation leads to suicidal tendencies which pertinently circulate in your mind; an hopeless future which has no happy horizons at all,

Opposition renders your soul with a sense of hearty contentment; immensely fortifying faith in your own set of resilient ideals,

Deception leads you with a place nowhere to run on this boundless planet; getting brutally incarcerated in the end in your trap of irrevocable lies,

Affection grants you with supremely undeniable happiness; the desire to live for your benevolently breathing fellow beings,

And Realization makes you greater than the Divine; granting you with the irrefutable power to metamorphose all your treacherously sinful past into a mesmerizing festoon of infinite more positive tomorrow’s.


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