Reborn Only As Your Lover

A part of me in monotonous realms of satanic office; capsizing upon my share of bread; to sustain on the trajectory of this gigantic planet,

A part of me on the tantalizing seaside; profoundly relishing the tanginess of the mighty ocean; which tingled me beyond the corridors of untamed control,

A part of me in the mesmerizing garden; profusely drowned in the scent of
the overwhelmingly seductive rose,

A part of me in the morbid graveyard; sadly mourning and reminiscing all those close to me; now no longer a reality in this world,

A part of me on the ergonomic dining table; savoring indispensable morsels of food; to keep me holistically running and alive,

A part of me on the evanescent horizons; frenziedly salvaging fortification to blissfully pass the menacingly treacherous night,

A part of me in the sacrosanct lap of my mother; reliving the poignant memories of impeccable childhood,

A part of me unsurpassably engrossed in bulky study books; endeavouring my best to achieve the most unprecedented in the career of my choice,

A part of me dancing vivaciously in the forests; playing hide and seek; amidst the rustling of voluptuous leaves; the silken beams of milky moonshine,

A part of me rebelling unrelentingly against traitors infiltrating my motherland; combating them with the sword of irrefutable righteousness,

A part of me gallivanting flirtatiously through the hills; philandering till times beyond eternity; until I stumbled upon the romance of my life,

A part of me persevering under whole hearted rays of the acrimonious summer; deluged in a blanket of golden perspiration; as I slogged without the
most inconspicuous of reprieve,

A part of me swimming ardently in the salty ocean; romanticizing and titillating in the majestically royal splendor of enchanting life,

A part of me with my dynamically flamboyant father; zealously aiming always to be infinite steps above the very best,
A part of me perched on the revered knees of my grandparents; fervently listening to their unfathomable myriad of adventures in real life,

A part of me astoundingly baffled by the vagaries of this uncouth society; unable to comprehend why fellow beings of human fraternity; considered themselves above divine godhead,

A part of me humming an insurmountable battalion of spiffy tunes; to rekindle my pathetically diminishing spice in life,

A part of me indulged into disdainfully forced manipulation in order to survive; articulately maneuvering my way into the spurious treasury of power tycoons,

A part of me writing boundless lines of mystical poetry; letting my scarlet veins erupt into tumultuously rhapsodic delight,

A part of me blissfully asleep; dreaming and bouncing ebulliently in a land more enthralling than fabulous paradise,

A part of me in celestial heavens; blossoming each instant into a fountain of unconquerable happiness; bestowed upon me by the Omnipotent Lord,

A part of me in diabolically savage hell; being whipped for my plethora of misdeeds; by the heinously vicious breath of the devil,

A part of me on the sizzling Sun; admiring the incomprehensible beauty of this earth; in the most candidly vivid of its perspective,

A part of me in the dungeons of doomsday; sulking and fretting; overpowered by tornados of despairing hopelessness,

But all of me; my mind; my body; my soul; incarcerated in the passionately thundering beats of your heart; not only for this lifetime; but even after I had quit
it prematurely; to be reborn only as your lover; forever and ever and ever.


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