If bricks in the edifice were replaced by inflated balloons,
The colossal structure would tumble down on earth; like a pack of soft plastic cards.

If acerbic blades of the ceiling fan were; replaced with satiny Persian cloth,
I would be able to kiss the contraption; even when revolving at full speeds.

If coarse cloth of jagged trouser; was replaced with succulent candy floss,
There would be a battalion of red ant crawling up; devouring the sumptuous meal.

If a cluster of calcium teeth; were replaced by intricate fillings of wrought iron,
The individual would have the prowess to chew the hardest of stone; yet not be able to smile.

If the gargantuan body of saline ocean; was replaced by ponds of still water,
There would be no whales swimming; with frothy waves disappearing into oblivion.

If salubrious juice of jaggery; was replaced by chemical sugar,
A myriad of bowels would expurgate themselves; relinquishing taste.

If shards of obdurate crystal glass; were replaced by gelatine paper,
There would be a chain of robberies committed all day; with the burglars sleeping sedately throughout the night.

If every iota of soil on ground; was replaced by granules of exquisite silver,
There would be no penurious existing on earth; with all green foliage ceasing to grow.

If the metal wings of aircraft; were replaced by pure cotton,
The plane would acrobatically nosedive towards the ground; assassinating slim hopes of survival.

If entwined bones of body; were replaced by plum juice,
The body would inevitably collapse on the ground; diminishing all hopes of plausible autopsy.

And if humans on the globe; were replaced by mechanized robots,
A plethora of tasks would be executed to meticulous perfection,
And the most versatile organism; would fatally succumb without learning the art of love.


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