When I boiled squalid mushroom and glittering diamonds together in a cauldron;
placing it above crackling flames of the fire,
The residue obtained contained profound traces of radiating yellow; annihilating even the most minuscule trace of the black vegetable.

When I boiled fetid sewage along with fragrant petals of crimson rose; above
the naked flames of the stove,
The residue obtained had no sight of dirt; all It emanated was an Omnipotent
essence of the flower.

When I boiled ominous scorpion sting with innocuous butter; roasting the same
over long rods of blistering iron,
The residue obtained looked as brilliant as the sacerdotal body of Sun; and there were simply no signs of the lethal poison.

When I boiled extracts of the tarnished politicians speech with the martyrs blood; simmering it on the smoke rising from the cooking range,
The residue obtained had an overwhelming aroma of the valiant soldier; with
every scrap of the leader’s notes dying an instantaneous death.

When I boiled acrimonious thorns along with velvety blades of grass; shaking
the mixture profusely over the chimney fire,
The residue obtained had stringently acquired an accentuated olive color of grass; and the pointed shoots were now converted into soft sponge as an aftermath.

When I boiled obnoxious petrol along with gallons of fresh liquid; placing the
same above a conflagration of seasoned timber sticks,
The residue obtained was as impeccable as spring water; with the pugnacious
odor of the gasoline drowning a ghastly death.

When I boiled parasitic leech along with the succulent cherry; placing them on
a conglomerate of scorching leaves,
The residue obtained was as scarlet as evanescent dawn; with a mesmerizing
smell of the fruit wafting in the air; and all signs of the worm disappearing into slim oblivion.

When I boiled frozen cubes of ice along with repugnant green chili; placing the same in boiler room of a ship,
The residue obtained contained bountiful rivulets of water; with the animosity of the hostile weed melting inevitably with the ice.

When I boiled omnipresent God along with the diabolical devil; placing them
under fiery rays of the rising Sun,
The residue in store was the omniscient Creator standing tall and domineering
emitting his perpetual scent; with the satanic monster pulverized to
inconspicuous ash.

And when I boiled love with prejudiced hatred; keeping the same to burn in sweltering heat of the desert,
The residue obtained had fathomless waves of perennial love; naturally overshadowing anecdotes of baseless abhorrence.


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