The castle in the forest appeared haughty and ostentatious; with gaudy drapes majestically camouflaging its windows,
Although it had its roots firmly embedded in lackluster mud; which was blended incongruously with glowworms and reptile.

The ocean looked colossal; with gigantic waves swirling tumultuously towards the sky,
Although it had its roots in granules of frigid sand; replete with coral leaves and soggy hillocks of clay.

The gold mines appeared marvelously glittering; emanating a perennial glow of extravagant prosperity and opulence,
Although it had its roots firmly embedded in obnoxious slabs of coal; a coat of ghastly black encapsulating its scintillating demeanor.

The silhouette of sun looked stupendously dazzling; emitting infinite rays of fire permeating pugnaciously through the dark,
Although it had its roots sprawled since centuries unprecedented in the lackadaisical sky; with placid patches of blue in vicinity sheltering it; to make its dream come true.

The clothes on the prince’s body appeared incredibly alluring; with every individual confronting him; instantly fantasizing himself adorning the same,
Although the royal garb had its roots in innocuous tufts of country cotton; sprouting in multiple clusters from the ground.

The edifice overlooking the shopping mall looked gargantuan; with several bystanders transgressing the streets; admiring it unanimously in open mouthed consternation,
Although it had its roots in dexterously ploughed soil; juxtaposed commensurately with raw cement and concrete.

The President’s destiny appeared enchanting; as he stood tall and domineering on the dais; with an indomitable spirit to conquer profoundly lingering in his eyes,
Although it had its roots in the lines of his spongy palm; the labyrinth of mounts and stars impregnated in his tiny fist.

The Banyan tree looked like a fascinating fortress; with scores of animals and birds wandering vivaciously through its cascading branches,
Although it had its roots deeply embodied in recesses of moist earth; and a conglomerate of nutrients in the same; nurturing it to rise to unbelievable heights.

And the Creator appeared invincible; with the entire universe distinctly visible; each time he opened his mouth,
Although he had his roots entwined with philanthropic simplicity; the rudiments of equality granting him the unprivileged aura of ruling over the entire cosmos; residing in every heart that throbbed benevolently; palpitated passionately for life.


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