Rope Of Love

When they tied me in ropes of slender steel; mercilessly cupping my
hands in an airtight embrace,
I felt submerged by disparaging despair in the beginning; although
after a while I used my ingenuity and managed to wriggle out completely free
from my bondage.

When they wound me in ropes of sparkling diamonds; the acerbic edges of
stone pricked me severely in my veins,
I was a blend of tribulation and supreme rhapsody at witnessing the
jewels; although after a few hours I astutely succeeded to chisel the same and
hastily absconded.

When they strangulated me in ropes of threadbare rubber; securely tying
my hands and feet,
I felt the breath imprisoned in my chest stifling every unleashing
minute; although I somehow achieved to find a rusty knife; eloped like the
frisky giraffe after chafing my ropes.

When they enmeshed me in ropes of acrimonious thorns; the stinging
nettles made me profusely bleed,
I felt an obfuscated blur encircle my eyes; although after a few
determined gasps; I opened my barricades insurmountably flexing my muscles; and
decamped surreptitiously via the boundless ocean.

When they tethered me uncouthly in ropes of live snakes; with the
hooded monster snaring its venomous fangs on my cheek,
I felt an armory of Goosebumps creep up on my skin; sweat dribbling
like torrential rain from my body; although in the end I was able to defeat
my lethal adversary; and fled for my life as fast as those tiny legs of
mine could carry me.

When they enslaved me in ropes of thick tree roots; a plethora of worms
and pugnacious ants crawled on my body from the same,
I initially felt miserable with the insects abhorrently tickling my
flesh; although a few minutes of intense contemplation; I was able to unwind
the knots; and galloped as speedily as I could from the dense jungle.

When they captivated me in ropes of blistering iron; stuffing my mouth
with tones of fetid cotton,
I thought this was going to be my last day of holistic survival;
although within seconds I discovered a gas stove nearby; judiciously used the
flames to snap open my chains and then transgressed through the heavy door to

When they incarcerated me in ropes of coarse cloth; hanging me upside
down with my feet tautly kissing the tall ceiling,
I started perceiving the world as being grotesquely distorted; although
after a few breaths I used my teeth to acrobatically open my chords; and fled
the disdainful scenario; leaping through partially open window.

When they bound me in ropes of crude glass pieces; stripping every bit
of cloth from my persona,
I felt a stream of fresh blood oozing incessantly from my raw wounds;
although I still managed to break free vehemently flinging the pointed shards
from my arms.

And eventually when they imprisoned me in the ‘ROPE OF LOVE’; with my
beloved lying blissfully by my side,
I endeavored as hard as possible to scamper away; but this time though
the mesmerizing essence of her entity; the invincible power of her devotion
for my being; held me incorrigibly on the ground; to bask for centuries
unprecedented in the glory of her widespread arms.


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