Rotund Bar Of Lipstick

When I applied it on my eyes; rubbing it vigorously all around the intricately drooping lids,
It looked pretty sensuous with a frivolous aura circumventing my persona; although petulant sensations of itching started after some time had elapsed; and I removed it entirely with a coarse cloth.

When I smeared it gently across my scalp; it produced an inevitable tickling vibration all over;
The massage was revitalizing and terrific; although scores of people made a travesty of me outside; as my hair had converted from black to shades of effeminate pink.

When I dabbed it on the perspicuous surface of mirror; it produced incoherent smudges everywhere,
The silhouettes now displayed were considerably voluptuous; although when I
tried to sight my reflection in the glass it appeared to be a befuddled blur.

When I held it in the path of oncoming beams of stringent sunlight; it emitted out brilliant ramifications,
Imparted a prominently scarlet tinge to the golden rays; although it dramatically reduced the tenacity of light, which illuminated the cloistered darkness.

When I endeavored to scribble literature with it; the lines I embossed looked like written with pure blood,
The mundane sheet of paper suddenly appeared special; although I found it intractably difficult to read the script.

When I brushed it harshly against wet soil; inserting its tip fully into the mud,
That brought some vibrancy into the nondescript chunk of land; although it created monumental complications; as some pedestrians mistook it to be early insinuations of volcano erupting; and fled instantly for their lives.

When I held it close to my nostrils; substituting it for my antiseptic inhaler,
A poignantly ravishing aroma flooded my lungs; although after a few minutes I felt a sneeze about to thunderously emanate from the aperture of my mouth.

When I spread it commensurately across my armory of teeth; there were tingling reverberations that initially struck me,
With the buds in my tongue liking the sudden change in taste; although when I exposed them to the world while speaking; they shirked away from me in utter abhorrence; perceiving me to be a satanic devil.

When I caressed it across my morning bread instead of using conventional butter; the dough looked immensely appetizing,
Seeming as if someone had stashed it full of succulent cherry; although when I ate; I felt an insurmountable urge to puke out the same.

I must mention though I realized its optimum value after rubbing it on the lips of my beloved; blending it scrupulously with her saliva when she pursed them,
She looked like a mesmerizing fairy and it now became inevitable for me to kiss her; savoring the flavor of her delectable lips as well as my rotund bar of lipstick.


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