Route To Examinations

I felt drowned in waves of pungent distraction,
as flickering images of the television flooded inert regions of my eye.

i felt possessed by gargantuan amounts of languid energy,
rolled on the spongy mattress placed on flat rosewood of my bed.

i felt strangulated by feckless obsessions draining reserve quota’s of energy,
as gallons of saliva leaked copiously from my mouth.

i felt submerged in violent fantasies all throughout the Sunlit day,
danced with lively animation on the blazing roof of my sloping terrace.

i felt captivated by the poignant aroma of the garden rose,
drank with gusto, sickening sweet curry of beehive honey.

i felt imprisoned by the melodramatic chirping of striped nightingale,
abruptly froze in my footsteps, shrugging away loads of consequential work.

i felt mesmerized by husky voices of my beloved floating in the air,
opened multiple windows of my house to distinguish the heavenly cadence in
her sound.

I felt nostalgia for native land imprison my heart,
As infinite Goosebumps crept stealthily on fragile pores of my skin.

I felt holocausts approaching me from all quarters of the globe,
Plucked several blades of grass from fertile patches of clayey mud.

The final examinations were looming large round the corner,
Dreamy regions of mind found cumbersome to decipher intermingled lines of book,
There were coats of sedation enveloping my persona,
Reminisces of childhood era punctured diligent balloons in my mind,
Fragrant premonitions of my love next door increased multifold the beating of heart,
One thing was dead sure,
If this was the route I adopted till my exams commenced,
Truckloads of luck would desert me midway,
Nefarious outcomes would haunt me for the rest of my life,
It was a pragmatic certainty,
That my youthful demeanor was likely to succumb miserably,
When confronted with the might of annual examinations.


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