Royally Alive

The rays of flamboyant Sun; sizzle me beyond the threshold of ultimate ecstasy,

The rays of the resplendent stars; reinvigorate my dolorously dreary night with stupendous charm and vibrant twinkles,

The rays of untamed desire; trigger me to insatiably dream; transcending the boundless realms of enigmatic eternity,

The rays of the milky moon; catapult me into a land of tumultuous jubilation; where I romance in waves of ebullient frolic,

The rays of profuse nostalgia; transit me into realms of impeccable childhood; where I bounce with uninhibited mischief; in the sacrosanct lap of my mother,

The rays of tantalizing beauty; make me indefatigably feel that I was in incredulously enchanting paradise; blending blissfully with the divine,

The rays of irrefutable honesty; lead me to intransigently believe that there were still humans existing in today’s blood sucking world,

The rays of lecherous bloodshed; make me feel like relinquishing every iota of what I had assimilated till today; whiling life in perpetual recluse; away from
man’s cannibalistically stinking world,

The rays of mystical enigma; propel me to ponder upon the most inexplicable of ingredients; blended exotically with the atmosphere,

The rays of voluptuous rhapsody; maneuver the most intricate of my senses across the most fathomless continents of poignantly escalating passion,

The rays of celestial peace; make me handsomely oblivious to the insurmountable battalion of manipulation; unveiling in torrential cloudbursts every succeeding minute,

The rays of invincible friendship; make me feel more fortified than the most Herculean of fortress; projecting from this planet,

The rays of wholesome freedom; foment me miraculously to realize that I was leading my life to the fullest; basking in the melodious glory of the wind to the ultimate of its capacity,

The rays of illegitimate discrimination; make me feel as if I was transgressing full throttle in the dormitories of hell; although I was still replete with robust energy and breathing alive,

The rays of ambition; inundated my persona with whirlpools of overwhelming desire to excel; achieve the most acrimoniously persevering goals; with an unstinted pride in my eyes,

The rays of heavenly wisdom; stimulated an unsurpassable myriad of benevolence in my mind; drifting me towards the summit of inevitable realization,

The rays of salaciously guilty conscience; make me crumble down like an edifice of brittle cards; although I possessed the entire wealth on this boundless globe,

The rays of betrayal; make each breath of mine overwhelmed with a billion pugnacious knives; uncouthly asphyxiating traces of my serene existence,

The rays of philanthropic unity; grant me the Omnipotent tenacity of leading an infinite lives more; in this solitarily single lifetime of mine,

And the rays which emanated from your majestic eyes; make me feel that I was in everlasting love; make me feel that I was stronger than any entity on this earth and royally alive.


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