Royally Handsome And Beautiful Sunset

The entire earth metamorphosed into deplorable gloom;
as it nimbly disappeared behind the towering hills,

The forests in vicinity were profusely engulfed with
appalling pink light; as it sank down abysmally a few
hours after brilliant afternoon,

The birds started returning to their intricately cozy
nests; as it fluttered violently into vivacious shades
of dull crimson,

The sharks bobbing their heads in vicious exuberance
above the poignantly swirling waves; contentedly
rested on the sandy bed as it started to play hide and
seek even more vigorously with the unfurling minutes,

The spuriously pompous light of the electric bulb took
complete control; as its flamboyantly golden color
transited into one sedate pink,

The battalion of stray dogs started to pathetically
wail; as it gave way for the stars to take a wholesome
stranglehold and faintly shimmer,

The lanky hands of the grandfather clock showed signs
of inadvertent laziness; as it abruptly vanished
behind the cocoon of black clouds,

The majestic lion relinquished hunting for prey;
exhaustedly retired in his colossal den; as it
evaporated like specks of dirt from the periphery of
the silver horizon,

The disdainfully sordid cockroach slowly and ominously
crawled towards the stinking lavatory seat; as it
wholesomely left the boundless sky,

The horses galloping in boisterous unison on the
marshy slopes; walked in a silent row towards their
stables; as it seemed to be mournfully coalescing with
bland mud,

The astoundingly fat tortoise became more indolent
than ever retreating its stubby neck inside its
striped shell; as it fell like a frigid thread and
eloped away from the atmosphere,

The bones in the ebullient body started getting
profoundly dreary; beads of hopeless sweat dribbled
down the arms; as it seemed to be gobbled in entirety
by the sapphire blue sky,

The savage python slithered miserably through the
meandering bushes; as it started to develop shades of
ghastly brown on its persona,

The voluptuous green blanket of leaves drooped down in
meek submission; as its rays got more and more tender
and frigid with the unleashing second,

The redolent petals of the stupendously blossoming
lotus folded themselves invincibly in defense; as it
emancipated into the island of nothingness,

The overwhelmingly formidable King ordered his troops
to cease hostile war; as it cast perilously dark
shadows upon the soil of this planet,

The rosy and incessantly chattering tongue now fell a
trifle silent; as it winked in nervous euphoria;
sighed its last before being transiently erased into
thin oblivion,

The signs of all palpable life in this Universe seemed
to be feebly subsiding; as it displayed sure signs of
shrinking to the size of an infinitesimally small pea,

And as you all know; it left the earth every evening
to settle for a long rest before it thunderously
blazed again with immortal enthusiasm at dawn; with
people from all continents round the globe irrefutably
proclaiming it since centuries unprecedented; as the


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