Same Requirement

Different requirements of food for infinite stomachs; some preferring gargantuan mountains of ingratiatingly appeasing fruit; while some blissfully satiating themselves with rustically plain bread and brine,

Different requirements of bravery for infinite chests; some preferring Herculean amounts of unflinching fortitude; while some wholesomely content whiling away
their lives in the realms of disdainfully dastardly dilapidation,

Different requirements of empathy for infinite souls; some preferring to be uncontrollably deluged with the chapters of compassionately eternal togetherness;
while some wanting to be let obnoxiously aloof even as maelstroms of hell vindictively blended with the trajectory of earth,

Different requirements of embellishment for infinite demeanor’s; some preferring to be profusely adorned with unfathomably iridescent jewelry; while some loving to be left obsoletely plaintive on the lackadaisically barren hills,

Different requirements of hearing for infinite ears; some preferring to be indefatigably enshrouded with naturally enchanting rhyme; while some wanting to
tirelessly lambaste themselves with thunderouslyunending euphoria of the sleazy discotheque,

Different requirements of moisture for infinite eyeballs; some preferring to be amiably flooded with unsurpassable rivers of celestially sparkling moisture; while some phlegmatically shrugging apart the excess liquid into wisps of insipid nothingness,

Different requirements of strength for infinite shoulders; some preferring to embrace the whirlwinds of boundlessly augmenting tenacity; while some wanting to languish in dungeons of moderate timidness; for the remainder of their lives,

Different requirements of hair for infinite scalps; some preferring to be relentlessly enshrouded with silken carpets of unsurpassable black; while some utterly disdainful about unruly outgrowths projecting sanctimoniously from their heads,

Different requirements of blood for infinite skins; some preferring a turbulently uninhibited catharsis of it incessantly in their body; while some wanting the wonderfully scarlet elixir to serenely flow like fading sunshine,

Different requirements of fantasy for infinite brains; some preferring to panoramically dream about even the most diminutively capricious element of existence; while some austerely incarcerating their minds in graveyards of abhorrently manipulative monotony,

Different requirements of destinies for infinite palms; some preferring to have an astoundingly insurmountable repertoire of forks and lines on the back of their hand; while some insatiable desirous of a life more plainer than the horrendously flat hills,

Different requirements of voice for infinite throats; some preferring to fulminate into an exuberantly unending and evergreen song every unfurling minute of the day; while some more inclined towards a nonchalantly laconic reverie; even as life didn’t give
them a second chance,

Different requirements of air for different armpits; some preferring an intransigently endless blast of ebulliently reinvigorating breeze till the very last step of existence; while some inexorably wanting to break into tornado’s of cold-bloodedly insane sweat,

Different requirements of saliva for different mouths; some preferring to incessantly slaver into fructifying whirlpools of untamed ecstasy; while some wanting
themselves as dry as horrifically grassless and squelched charcoal,

Different requirements of truth for different conscience’s; some preferring to irrefutably blaze into an insuperable inferno of righteousness for infinite more births yet to unveil; while some inevitably falling prey to the corpse of scurrilously
invidious lies,

Different requirements of flirtation for infinite eyelashes; some preferring to mischievously culminate into a flurry of surreptitious winks every now and
again; while some reticently agglutinated to the brow in dogmatic sternness and indomitable concentration,

Different requirements of breath for infinite nostrils; some preferring to effulgently inhale as much of resplendent air as conceivable on this Universe till the time majestic life palpitated; while some deliriously snapping the very fangs of existence;
with their very own parasitically deleterious hands,

But same requirement of immortal love for infinite organisms; with every religion; caste; creed; color; sect and tribe limitlessly wanting to encompass every step that they alighted with its Omnipotently heavenly radiance; limitlessly wanting to make its vividly majestic rhythm the sole beats of their impoverished lives.


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