Save Your Love. Save Water.

You profoundly relished it when it struck the brutally emaciated pores of your
impoverished skin – as you uninhibitedly rolled under the cistern that cascaded down
the mountain slope,

You saluted it as it unabashedly stormed your lavatory seat – making every trace of
filthiness entirely disappear in lightening traces of time – and then quietly fade as you
closed the flush,

You were poignantly enamored when it fell ecstatically from the fantabulous sky –
mollifying you from the tyrannically lambasting man-made adulteration; smoke;
pollution and industrial heat,

You wondrously adored it whilst sprinkling it on the dust laden leaves and scorched
trees – and then experience an unparalleled contentment of surviving in symbiotic glory with the royal natural habitat,

You felt modestly philanthropic as you poured it into empty glasses desperately held by orphans on the street – as serving humanity was one of the most quintessential
reasons of your blessed existence,

You rhapsodically danced as you blended it with a gargantuan cube of ice and left it in a tub – for birds to bathe and feast – as the Sun flamboyantly ignited a most piously
brilliant afternoon,

You felt sensuously fantastic and jubilant to strive towards success after bathing in it – as the rays of a brand new effulgent dawn ushered you to find your own benevolently inimitable identity on the planet,

You suddenly and spontaneously felt beautiful after washing your face with it – for when the tawdrily spurious layers of deplorable cream; powder; scent and lipstick peeled out – there you lay in your ravishingly unscathed charm – under the cover of
a nakedly seductive night,

You ebulliently liked it – when it granted your siblings that much needed reprieve in
swelteringly burning summer – as they thoroughly splashed themselves with it – and
then welcomed the torching heat in invincible friendship,

You felt genuinely intrigued when you sprayed it with compassionate fury across the
freshly ploughed fields – as the seasoned hosepipe in your palms exposed you to
newer dimensions of kindness – and the seed inside the mud became your best friend,

You were endearingly mesmerized at the ripples that were formed on its surface – as
you joyously hurled a harmless pebble on it horizontally and then witnessed it skid with artistic grace – before eventually sinking to the rock bottom,

You were magnetically enthralled when you kissed it – as it became your sincerest
companion when you needed to celebrate triumph for goodness – and you hugged it in amiable brotherhood – though it inevitably slipped,

You felt an unparalleled desire to be closer to your rudiments – as you envisaged a
house by its side – which though was threadbare and bohemian – but which befriended and nourished you amidst the natural wilderness with tantalizing calm,

You emphatically admired it for so tranquilly dousing the hideous flames – and
becoming an instant hero amongst the hapless people assembled by their woefully
burning building – and as the fire – extinguisher had despicably failed,

You victoriously applauded it for bringing about undefeated friendship – as people of all religions; castes; creed; color; faiths and tribes – unhesitatingly proceeded to dip in it and get rid of inconsequential difference,

You gratefully cherished the awe-inspiringly varied sounds it made as it filled your
barren overhead tank – replacing the worthless emptiness within the lifeless walls –
with one of the most indispensable mortal elixir to nourish life,

But you loved it the most when you drank it and suckled at it like a freshly born child – whether it be after your meal or before it – as it revitalized you to pursue the path of righteousness and charismatic brotherhood,

Therefore won’t you protect your true lover from being destroyed; rebuked; slapped
and unnecessarily spilled.

Do your naturally unfettered and earnest best. Do something good when you
truly feel for it.

Save your love. Save Water.


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