Scent And Spice

I consumed rice blended with fish curry,
added pinches of salt to exit from realms of bland taste.

i licked bare brick wall coated with sand plaster,
devoured spicy remains of natural plastic paint.

i trampled violently through fields of red pepper,
sprayed finely crushed powder in the vicinity of shivering tongue.

i swam at feverish pace in extreme salty solvent of the Caribbean sea,
wiped myself dry to feel allergic patches of faded red.

i pumped the air with a blend of perfume and green mustard seed,
sat for patient hours basking in a film of spicy atmosphere.

i rolled in clay mud sprinkled with pungent fertilizer,
smeared my wheatish face with semicircular cakes of flavored mud.

i sat on a cushion containing fermented yellow sour cream,
smelt of obnoxious odour all throughout the passing day.

i rubbed naked patches of my skin with hot repellant balms,
danced all day with thunder storms of ecstasy echoing through my eardrum.

i tore big chunks of orange ginger from tender branches of sapling,
drenched myself with a tumbler full of aromatic water.

i desired to breathe in an ambience of ravishing alligator perfume,
swim in colossal ponds of suspended salt for the remaining tenure of my life.


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