School Laboratory

Steaming hot acid in glass crucibles,
stone slabs of individual apparatus,
labeled conical flasks with neutral bases,
glass cupboards full of performance journals,
hi-tech microscopes for analysis,
round jars of swimming flower roots,
specimens of algae, rats, and dead frog,
black full-scale charts of chromosome study,
programmed calculators strewn in fluorescent light,
electric meters with voltage fluctuating,
dangling copper wires for connection,
sharpened lead for sketching designs,
steel spheres suspended from oscillating threads,
cross ventilation for absorbing fumes,
mega dissection boxes with scientific artillery,
shaving blades for tearing root,
round the clock botanical demonstrations,
high powered glare bulbs,
bountiful samples of colored compounds,
thickened glass fish aquarium,
shining granite holding multiple computers,
with a host of modern software chips,
black canes of adjudicating supervisors,
ready to slash at instants of wrongdoing,
lavatories blended with pungent antiseptic,
with germicidal tablets of white carbolic,
collapsible springs attached to bar magnets,
the window overlooking bare bricks of school entrance,
projecting from dizzy heights of clock tower,
with blue apron adorning my stature,
a compulsory must during practical hours,
is a first hand discription of my school laboratory.


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