The farmer gaped at crusts of dry brown earth,
acres of land lying fallow in merciless heat,
bountiful crop wilting under stringent light of the Sun,
crevices in land splitting wider by the zipping second,
he then scolded the plain regions of dark blue sky,
for not acquiring ominous tinges of violent grey.

the striped panther rested on moistened portions of land,
snoring chivalrously in a kingdom of celestial sleep,
visualizing a cluster of humans in thick flesh and blood,
pouch bellied kangaroo wiping its brutal teeth,
he then scolded dead rabbit meat, lying well tucked within the hollow of his stomach,
for ruining his perceptions of a royal sized meal.

drenched clothing hung on strong metal ropes,
soaked immensely in sweat and tap water,
fluttering sporadically with agitated outbursts of wind,
and the ambience consisting of dull murky light,
eventuality of thunder showers tumbling from the sky,
the wet shirts then scolded the Sun,
for not hissing fireballs of natural light,
thereby baking the humid persona of cloth with full round beams of Sunshine.

hordes of fish got infected with disease,
gasped for breath at great depths of the ocean,
lay strewn on the shore thrown by the exotic currents of waves,
the water showed traces of contamination,
black coats of oil and grease were found in gay abundance,
the aquatic family then scolded the impetuous humans,
for polluting its saline composition in the quest for displaying nuclear superiority.

he had simply no inhibitions,
lived life in high esteem and loads of respect,
inspite of not witnessing a single ray of light since birth,
executed all his tasks to immaculate perfection,
leaning heavily on his stick with stripes of white and red,
traversing miles of territory,
with an assemblage of gruesome blackness as his faithful companion,
he thought several times of scolding the creator like his counterpart mates
mentioned above,
although he refrained registering his complaint,
he possessed a rock solid opinion,
it was better to exist being obscured from light,
than not to live at all.


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