Searching True Love.

There were infinite on this boundless Universe; who intransigently searched for fugitive gold; insatiably wanting to replenish even the whites of their eye with
the spuriously glittering biscuit,

There were infinite on this colossal Universe; who tirelessly searched for tantalizing beauty; tumultuously wanting to embrace every voluptuous vixen on this earth; in their murderously uncouth grip,

There were infinite on this gregarious Universe; who relentlessly searched for uninhibited freedom; irrevocably wanting to blend the innermost of their
senses with all vivaciously enchanting titillation in the atmosphere,

There were infinite on this boundless Universe; who unendingly searched for opulent wine; barbarically wanting to deluge every bit of their disastrously impoverished persona; with the avarice of inebriation all day and night,

While my treacherously betrayed heart; perennially searched for true love; unsurpassably wanting to melange every iota of my despairingly dying senses
with the magic of heavenly relationship.


There were infinite on this unconquerable Universe; who incorrigibly searched for bizarre manipulation; insidiously wanting to extract the optimum they could
from the earth; in the tenure of their truncated lives,

There were infinite on this aristocratic Universe; who dogmatically searched for uncouth crime; salaciously wanting to reach the epitome of unprecedented
prosperity; by brutal massacre and beheading tribes,

There were infinite on this enamoring Universe; who irretrievably searched for ravishing fragrance; limitlessly wanting to incarcerate every element of
stupendous intoxication; impregnably inside their chest,

There were infinite on this charismatic Universe; who frantically searched for sleazy entertainment; ethereally wanting to titillate their morbidly withering skin with the reverberations of; gaudily embellished skin,

While my forlornly fretting heart; perpetually searched for true love; irrefutably wanting to bond with the essence of sparkling truth; irrefutably
wanting to be the beats of rhythm divine.


There were infinite on this princely Universe; who unrelentingly searched for mind-boggling enigmas; unequivocally wanting to deluge their ingenious minds
into an untamed flurry of rhapsodic activity,

There were infinite on this gargantuan Universe; who traumatically searched for negativity; insanely wanting to lambaste all innocuous civilization; with
the devil hovering ghoulishly in their soul,

There were infinite on this benign Universe; who holistically searched for symbiotic proliferation; vehemently wanting to mate with the partner of their choice; to handsomely bequeath a civilization of ebullient freshness even after their veritable death,

There were infinite on this vivacious Universe; who Omnisciently searched for mesmerizing peace; intractably wanting to enshroud every aspect of their
truculently traumatic survival; with bountifully benevolent solidarity,

While my invidiously thwarted heart; indefatigably searched for true love; miraculously wanting to coalesce with the fabric of eternal goodness; with the
spirit of timelessly invincible mankind.


There were infinite on this synergistic Universe; who ungainly searched for savagely raw power; pruriently wanting to manipulate the lives of countless innocent;
with whiplashes of domineeringly threadbare force,

There were infinite on this mammoth Universe; who satanically searched for appetizing mutton; uncontrollably wanting to placate their taste buds with palpably bloody meat and immaculate flesh,

There were infinite on this Omnipotent Universe; who voluptuously searched for grandiloquent artistry; endlessly wanting to paint the canvas of their existence; with the victoriously gorgeous colors of God’s creation,

There were infinite on this unsurpassable Universe; who exhaustively searched for sagacious wisdom; pragmatically wanting to implement all principles of revitalizing life; in each hour of their progressing survival,

While my unsparingly whipped heart; humbly searched for true love; unprecedentedly wanting to accept it as the most Omnipresent panacea to lead this; and a
countless more spell binding lifetimes.


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