Season Of Love

With it; descended petals of insatiable rhapsody from the sky; as the heavens opened full throttle to uninhibitedly shower blessings; upon its revered grace,

With it; there came streams of perpetual harmony cascading from the mountains; diffusing into a froth of unfathomably never ending excitement,

With it; fulminated the most fantastic dreams wandering on this mesmerizing planet; evoking the fabulous artist surreptitiously hidden in each of your traumatically
agonized nerves,

With it; danced the most tantalizing fairies till the heart of voluptuous midnight; bouncing and frolicking till eternity in the profound effulgence of its; overwhelmingly seductive charm,

With it; came whirlpools of unconquerable excitement; igniting the ludicrously lackadaisical volcano’s sleeping in your impoverished soul,

With it; devastated jungles bloomed into a gorgeously perennial festoon of enchantment and health; flowering into a profusely brilliant tomorrow,

With it; crept shadows of mystically tingling enigma; inundating your murderously severed senses with winds of incredulously exotic ecstasy,

With it; treacherously devastated dwellings metamorphosed themselves into the most stupendously grandiloquent castles; towering beyond the skies; to relish the wholesomely unleashed glory of the flamboyant Sun,

With it; there pelted thunderously deafening rain upon the periphery of scorchingly pathetic desert soil; caressing its penuriously staggering surface; with compassionate fireballs of golden moisture,

With it; insatiably galloped the chariots of handsome prosperity; replenishing every element of despairingly broken lives; with the fruits of eternally sacrosanct heaven,

With it; there spread an invincible wave of humanity even in the most lecherously salacious parts of this fathomless continent; and the religion of humanity overtoppled the diabolical devil forever,

With it; stars in the cosmos incessantly flirted in the aisles of desire; deluging each cranny of this ridiculously maimed planet; with milky beams of enamoringly dancing light,

With it; the time in gargantuan clocks; slid back into overwhelmingly poignant nostalgia; with every old and miserably withering; transforming back into a Godly child; once again,

With it; all savagely belligerent war on this claustrophobically estranged earth came to a veritable end; and the flag of immortal peace reigned supreme; for centuries immemorial,
With it; every bit of infinite sky was enveloped with an Omnipotently everlasting radiance; with an unsurpassable flurry of angels frolicking in unequivocally
untamed ecstasy,

With it; there arose the most magnificently embellished tune on this unending Universe;
transforming its manipulatively bedraggled demeanor into one replete with exuberantly enthusiastic youth,

With it; all those disastrously indigent and hoarsely famished; reached their ultimate paradise of; philanthropic opulence in life,

With it; ghosts lingering insidiously beneath their coffins; took birth as the most impregnably alluring magicians; for a countless more lifetimes,

With it; indispensable oceans of breath got instilled in the diminutively lifeless; and the waywardly lost world found the paths of majesty once again,

And neither did it require the slightest of stringent preparation; nor did it require you to wholeheartedly donate the entire richness that you had painstakingly assimilated in the tenure of your impoverished life,

Just open the perpetual beats of your heart to embrace all those you cherished and cared for; and Lo! Behold! ; there torrentially descended the season of everlasting love.


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