Seeking Solace

When I felt that the pace of life was overwhelmingly hectic; I sought solace in the blissful backdrop of the mystical valley,

When I felt that my legs were indefatigably tired; I sought solace in the king poster bed; tucking them cozily under the frilled mattress,

When I felt that each bone impregnated in my body hurt like a thousand corpses; I sought solace in the rejuvenating pool of herbal liquid,

When I felt that my tongue had lost all sensation of taste and aroma; I sought solace in a bunch of stupendously seductive grapes dangling in the dense forests,

When I felt that my scalp was being attacked by infinite battalions of red ant and termite; I sought solace under the waterfall of medicated shampoo; to wholesomely annihilate the last scrap of dirt from its very roots,

When I felt that my fingers simply refrained to write; I sought solace in clouds of soft and impeccable cotton; gently caressing each strand and thereby giving maximum ecstasy to my starved flesh,

When I felt that my brain had lost all its ability to perceive; monotonously trapped in the disparaging issues of the commercial world; I sought solace in a stream of red wine; gulping down the ravishing elixir; to stimulate my dead cells enjoying immortal sleep,

When I felt that my feet had gone horrendously numb; transforming into mammoth slabs of frozen ice; I sought solace infront of the crackling fire; imparting my soles the revitalization to leap in animated exultation and gallop,

When I felt that I was getting insanely bored; with pangs of uncanny frustration creeping up slowly into my soul; I sought solace on the boisterous floor of the vivacious disco; swinging my body to a billion beats of pulsating music,

When I felt that the sweltering rays of Sun were piercing with pungent hostility into my skin; I sought solace in the dainty interiors of my timid and little hut,

When I felt that the storm of hunger was brewing up incorrigibly in my stomach; I sought solace in shimmering plates inundated with appetizing morsels of pure curd and steaming rice,

When I felt that the stillness of atmosphere was severely taking its toll on my senses; I sought solace with the melodiously whistling bird,
When I felt that my hear beat was on the verge of extinction; the throbbing which was once prolifically violent in my chest; now not heard at all; I sought solace in the arms of my beloved; feeling her breath trigger off my smothering passions once again,

When I felt that the rotten stench of obnoxious vehicle smoke virtually strangulating the last ounce of air suspended in my lungs; I sought solace in a garden of fragrant lotus; with the tingling odor adding a smile perpetually to my face,

When I felt that planet earth had become too claustrophobic to exist; with every single space jammed by hordes of people and machinery; I sought solace in the dark dungeons; where the slithering serpent captivated me wholesomely with its charm and dance,

When I felt that the dust from the deserts was irascibly irritating my eyes; I sought solace in the heart of the ocean; where the frothy foam and fish entrenched me with insurmountable exhilaration,

When I felt that scores of stinging mosquitoes from the city perilously intruded upon and spoilt my every night; I sought solace on the top of the mountain; where the air was; pristine and fresh, and where I was in talking distance with the stars,

When I felt that the darkness of the satanic night was casting its evil spell upon me from all sides; I sought solace in the invincible lap of my mother,

And when I felt that my faith in mankind was gradually dwindling; with an insatiable urge to flee this Universe forever burning high and handsome in my persona every second; I sought solace in front of the Creator; kneeling in submissive stupor on his feet; to experience the rays of encouragement; the omnipotent power to survive.


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